Diy Intercom/Two-way with Arduino

Hallo Everybody,

Hopefully I am posting this at the right place!?

I dont have alot of experience wih arduino, so thats why I am asking here and I hope that someone can help!?

The Scenario : My Parents in Law have a very old and very load campervan. They bought themselves each headphones/Headsets with active voice reduction wich helps alot with the noise in the Van but they cant communicate with each other.... The headphones came with a cable sothat you can connect it to a mobile phone with speech function.(Like a Headset for Skype..)

Now my quiestion : Is it possible to connect the 2 Headphones/Headsets to something that is mounted stationary (<12V)  in the campervan sothat they can also use the speech function on the cable/Headset to communicate? Would it be able to do with arduino? How?

I would appreciate any information!

Thank You
Ps. Hope my english isint too bad....

gmoon1 year ago

Assuming the cables are analog (not usb), it should be way easier to connect the headphones to a pair of analog amplifiers. Simple chip amps should work fine here.

You might even search for "intercom circuits" or "headphone amps" on the webs...