Do I even need a laptop cooler/cooling fan?

I was actually wondering if my laptop even needs a cooler/cooling fans at all? The max temp. that it goes to (I check with HWMonitor) is 49 - 51 degrees. I've heard new laptops going up to 80 degrees or more. So my laptop is still running 30 degress lower.

Should i consider getting a laptop cooler at all? I read a review of the belkin laptop cooling stand and it seems very nice. But, I may not even need one at this temp. Or do I? Please shed some light, someone. 

Kryptonite4 years ago
Yeah, you still need one.

If you're just using it a home, get a good stand and put a little quiet fan under it.
Kiteman4 years ago
Newer chips are designed to cope with higher temperatures.

Older chips are not.

Yes, you still need your fan.

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