Do VOTES have any meaning?

EDIT(8/26/12): Since I posted this many of the contest official rules have included a clear explanation of how user votes are used to determine the finalist.  It most cases it seems 49% of the eligible entries are chosen solely on user votes.  This clears up all the confusion I had based on the previous wording of the rules for contests that are now over.      

I recently read a blog post about the Make if Real contest that said that the winners were decided by votes, but I know that is not the case.   I looked at a few of the current and past contests and found out there is no way to view how many votes an instrucable has either during or after a contest, which I read is becasue people were trying to rig the voting.  So if judging is not based on votes and there is no way to know how many votes you got then why do we have the option to vote?  Having a vote button seems misleading.  

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Kiteman5 years ago
Voting has a major meaning!

The finalists are selected by the votes (eg the projects with the top 20 votes), and then those are handed over to a judging panel who rate each project from scratch (without knowing exactly how many votes they got), which selects the winner and runners-up.

Vote-rigging used to upset matters when the entries were sortable by the number of votes - unwitting members would be more likely to vote for a project that had already received a number of fake votes.

Attempts at vote-rigging still occur, but they do not affect the final results because they do not affect the view-sorting, and HQ has clever ways and means of identifying fake votes, and removes them from the total before selecting the finalists.

Which is a long way of saying "Yes, voting works, please keep doing it".

So if you changed account 100 times and vote will it then still count???And will it reach finals even if its an ugly ible?

Without going into details, HQ have ways of spotting sock-puppet tricks like that.

ah good,i feel bad for people who tried that lol

not that there's anything wrong with sock-puppets...

You can only change your account name one and the associated email account that your Instructables account is tied to cannot be reused by another at the same time.

To defeat the system and vote fraudently would require a very committed effort.

rebeltaz Kiteman12 months ago

So, in reality, the earlier a project is posted to a contest, the better a chance it has of becoming a finalist since it will be available on the site for a longer period of time, thereby allowing more people the opportunity to see it and vote on it? That would seem to give projects entered earlier in the contest and unfair advantage over projects that are entered later. Someone might enter a project the last day of the contest that is worlds better than one entered the first day, but the better project has a significantly less chance of being selected simply because there isn't enough time for the vote to accumulate.

Or am I reading this wrong? I do that sometimes, you know ;)

good point!

That's why staff always choose a few that don't make it in from votes. However, posting early doesn't necessarily equate to more votes. The early entries get buried at the bottom of the list and get progressively fewer views as the contest goes on.

Reminds me of the time a teacher told me that nobody had *ever* gotten away with cheating in his class, period...raising in my mind the question of whether he had omniscience or something. ;)
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