Do You Believe in Fate? Read what my weekend was like

It is somewhat long, but an incredibly interesting story of what happened to me this weekend. After what I went through this weekend, my view of fate took a 180 degree turn. Some background information, I have two dogs, a few gates around my house that need to be closed to make sure my dogs stay in our yard. It starts out when I arrived home from school. My bus drops me off at the end of my driveway, and as my brother and I walk up, our mom is there with our main gate open, which usually is not. I saw her up there and knew it wasn't good. She tells me Toby is gone. Toby escaped through a back gate with my other dog Casper. My neighbor picked up Casper, but Toby was no where to be found. We pretty much scoured every single road in the area, so we knew he wasn't hit. We also told everyone we saw to keep and eye out, and asked them if they seen Toby. ~The oil company came to our house while my mom was out and about. They left our back gate open. When the dogs escaped, she went to our basement to see the oil tank, and it was full. She knew the oil people came, and they fill it through the back of our house, where our back gate is. 4 years ago, the same oil company cut our Invisible Fence Wire, and tried to tie it back together, so it worked off and on.(Which we found out later). The dog named Buddy escaped and got hit by a car. So we get the invisible fence man out here and he sees that the oil company cut our wire. ~Oil people, if you are reading this, close the gates please. ~So as you see, the oil company killed one of our dogs already, so I was fuming when I found out it was their fault again. We were planning on going to the mountains that night, so my dad, brother, and sister, and I went up with Casper, while my mom stayed at home to see if anyone would call about Toby or Toby would return home. On Saturday, we got a call from our mom saying that Toby was dropped off at an animal shelter, and she picked him up. We were ecstatic, and the rest of our day was awesome. That night, we went to bed early because none of us slept Friday night, because we were thinking about Toby. ~Thats only the half of it. Recap: Dogs escape, 1 dog found Friday, other Found at shelter Saturday, we are in mountains with Casper, and go to sleep Saturday night. I wake up Sunday morning at 5, to my brother turning the light on, and he walked out of the room. I thought, well this is weird, so I turned it off and rolled back over. My brother walked back in, and turned the light on. He told me Casper isn't moving. (In the mountains th dog sleeps with us in the bed.) I look at Casper, not moving at all. Casper is deaf, so sometimes he is always sound sleeper, but always wakes up when you touch him. I look at his face, and his eyes are in the back of his head. My brother gets my dad, my dad (doctor) tries CPR. It was too late. Casper passed away. He showed no symptoms, no struggle ( my brother didn't choke him), dandy as could be the night before, it was unbelievable. What Luck? So I am not religious what so ever, and don;t really believe in much religious stuff. But I felt that because we got Toby back, Casper had to pass away. It is so weird that the dog we thought was gone in the beginning, came back to us, while the one we had no inclination of every passing away, well, passed away. So we thought Toby was gone, got him back, and in the mountains, the one we had, died. Recap: Dogs escape, 1 found Friday, Other Picked up at shelter saturday, Casper up to the mountains, 2nd dog at home, Sunday morning Casper dies in his sleep. This weekend pretty much was the most stressful, and worst of my life. I am grateful for the man who brought Toby to the shelter, but I guess because we got Toby back, God felt it was Casper's time to go. I do not know what I'd do if we lost 2 dogs in a span of 48 hours. Thanks for reading all of this, I had to get it down. It is unbelievable. I am thinking of posting up an instructable on how to increase your chances of finding a lost dog.

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X_D_3_M_110 years ago
cant you sue the oil people?
Brennn10 (author)  X_D_3_M_110 years ago
You know, when my first dog died it was definitely an evident thought in my head, but quite frankly, it is not worth it to go through the trouble.
its your freaking dog man!
Brennn10 (author)  X_D_3_M_110 years ago
I know, but what would it bring? I would rather grieve my dog with my family, and share memories, than going to court. My mom did call the oil people, and told them, and in the future they will make sure they will close the gate. The lady my mom talked to was heart broken.
Lftndbt10 years ago
That is really not nice....
The one thing I dislike about my pup (American rednose), is that I know in many years time , when she passes away i'm going to be absolutley gutted! She is like my best friend..... Only person (te he I call her a person ;) ) in the world that always wants to be with me all of the time, never get's sick of me, doesn't mind my smelly feet and always forgive's me with just one cuddle no matter how cranky i've been....

I wouldn't think of it, in the way that one had to go.... It was unusual that it was at the same, but it was just Casper's time to go... Imagine how bad he/she would feel to know you think that about Toby.... Casper going has nothing to do with Toby coming back.

I'm really sorry for your loss... :(

So is hunni.... she didn't like that story either... She's happy Toby's safe though so am I...

canida Lftndbt10 years ago
Cute dog.
Lftndbt canida10 years ago
Thanks! Yes she is beautiful, isn't she! Unfortunatley, rednose's don't get a very good wrap in Australia... I got her a week before ALL sales, trade's, breeding and giving them away (except for the pound to destroy... No relocation's they just destroy them now..) was banned and enforced by law... I have a feeling that the stigma in Australia, that all pitbull's are dangerous will only get worse... So at the moment I am researching possibly physc evaluation's that are available in Aus for "dangerous" dogs... A positive physc evaluation does not help all that much but... If people complain about, being worried about her then the council will implement their own... I just want atleast 2 of my own on hand incase their's is bogus... I have had people assume she was a rednose and call the council... The assessor took one look at her and said " I've been doing this for 20years now and that's one of the best looking pitty I have ever seen and she has a great personality not aggresive what so eva..." Perhaps it was her running out full charge jumping up on him and licking him to death for 5 min... ;) I run her twice a day and only the best food, so she does look particularly fit...
trebuchet0310 years ago
Sorry to hear that one of your dog's passed -- how old was s/he? As for the other two.... Sounds like a good excuse to put an automatic gate closer in... You know the oil people don't close the gates reliably - so don't rely on them to close the gate ;) And by automatic gate closer - I mean a nice long extension spring. It would have likely saved you all of this trouble plus your other dog ;)
Brennn10 (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
He was a yellow (pretty white) lab, about 4 years old.
Baron A10 years ago
Brenn, That was a intresting and touching story. Sory bout your other dog casper.
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