Do You Enjoy Coffee?

Just wonderin'. How many of you folks enjoy drinkin' coffee?

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wearychef1 year ago

Love my coffee. Keeps me going until I can open the wine ;) As for the comments about coffee being unhealthy, there was just a study showing that coffee drinkers live longer! The sugar a lot of us add to our coffee is a different story...

Yes, I do enjoy coffee very much. I drink 4x a day. I know it's bad. I think George is right, it becomes an addiction. I can't start a day without coffee. I'm looking for a healthy coffee. Is there anything like that?

GeorgeK312 years ago

I like coffee. However, I don't drink coffee in the morning. I see my parents, every morning they can't function without a cup, and I see it like an addiction. I only drink coffee when I am with friends.

Yes. I love coffee. Living in Italy it is impossible not to like coffee :-)

I don't like the taste of coffee,never have,really don't like the smell of it either! When I was in Jamaica,people said,you'll love this coffee,it's the best! I didn't care of that either.I'm sure it was great if you drink coffee,but not to me!

JustinM13 years ago

I love drinking coffee, especially on mornings. But I don't drink too often in a day knowing it would be unhealthy.

kaszel3 years ago

coffee is unhelthly

kaszel3 years ago

Nope. Coffe is unhelathly !!!!!!!!!!!

hunter9993 years ago

Nope, but I know Tarun does ;-)

coffe in the morning. love it

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