Do You Enjoy Tea?

Just wonderin'. How many of you folks enjoy drinkin' tea? I know lots of peeps like coffee, but I find it somewhat disgusting and it's unhealthy. So, how many of u peeps like tea?

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tarzioo8 years ago
I LOVE tea! But i'm half persian so I was raised drinking hot tea! x_X
FaqMan tarzioo8 years ago
What type is your favorite?
tarzioo FaqMan8 years ago
Well the persian tea I get from the store is amazing. It's a blend of earl grey, Darjeeling and something else..... But i of course LOVE green tea. Mmmmm
have you ever had Jasmine tea? Oh it smells as good as it tastes.....
it's the BEST!!!!
I have to agree.....I just have a difficult time finding quality Jasmine teas  *sigh*
i think so, but i don't think i've tried it.
Goodhart8 years ago
Coffee isn't unhealthy depending on at least 2 things, #1: how it is made, and #2: how much one drinks of it. At one time I was addicted to coffee (meaning I would get severe headaches and somewhat nauseous if I went too long without coffee. Because I was deprived of it in the hospital after my bypass surgery, I haven't gotten back into being addicted to it again, but I do drink a cup or two per week (sometimes 3 or 4, but rarely), and it does have some benefits taken in moderation like this. At work, I drink a Blueberry infused anti-oxidant tea that it just wonderful (made in the Flavia machine they have).
i'm sorry about the surgery.
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