Do You Feel Like A Part Of The Forum Yet?

    What I mean by that is do you feel most people around the forums who use it on a daily/weekly basis recognize your username, Avatar posts and have generally have a personality pegged to your online identity? If you don't feel this way, are you bothered by this? Or do you generally not have any interest/care about people giving your posts more thought/attention than just a first time poster/unknown poster?

    For me I feel I've been here for a while and built up a large enough post count full of unforgettable humour and amazing advice (ok I'm stretching that part quite a lot :P), and I feel I've gotten to know quite a few individuals on here where I'd be a lil sad when/if (I'll probably be posting here for another 50 years) I stop posting. I guess you can call me sad, but I enjoy having an online identity in this forum, and I also appreciate the characters and great people who make this site work.

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"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

While we'd all be sad if we knew anyone was gone, some are...more loved than others. It's the way life works, unfortunately. No use trying to quantify this sort of thing - it's generally best not to compare, and just go about life. :)
. Is this Kiteman?
Naw, just some guy (that'd be a bit cowardly for him, don'cha think? ;) ).
.  Welllll, he is a Brit. "Briars, brambles, and bushes" ROFL
Oh, my. I know my new favorite song.

"So fast the hounds couldn't catch 'em." XD XD
You'd never heard that before? I grew up on that song....sung it in grade school IIRC
Guess I'm showing my ignorance, but nope! Never did. :)
NP, it isn't like it was done "recently" or can't know "everything" that happened in the past..... ;-)
Redneck karaoke!

(And General Keane was a fool - if he'd pressed on on the first day of the battle, he'd have taken New Orleans with less than two thousand men, instead of losing 2500 men and the battle.)
Excuse me?

I have enough trouble keeping this identity straight.
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