Do refrigerator magnets affect food?

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nakuru5 years ago
I use them to draw out the iron filings from my sandwiches.
kelseymh6 years ago
Affect food?  I thought they were food....
is THAT why so many ladies (or is that robots) find you attractive?
would definitely modify the whole "stick to your ribs" thing.....assuming you're wolverine
Would give a whole new meaning to "scratching yourself" for sure.
NachoMahma6 years ago
.  On the outside of the 'fridge: no
.  Inside the 'fridge: no
.  In the food: will probably alter taste and texture
Gives one a magnetic personality, for sure
lemonie6 years ago
No. But they might affect you.
Are you having a problem with magnets?

are they on the side of your computer monitor? If not, probably not LOL
No, it's totally true! I stuck a pork chop to my refrigerator with a magnet, and after a couple of weeks, it had gone bad. Don't meddle with the forces of nature!
Did you know they work even faster if you just leave them out on the table with a magnet? LOL
ntomata5 years ago
Scientific opinion :
The magnetic field of the simple magnets are weak. And the all iron refrigerator case absorbs most of the field so the field inside is not notisable. On the orther hand, all electricity powered refrigerators has electric motors of their own with rapidly changing much stronger electric fields. The earth itself has a constand magnetic field around us anyway. We live every day in a magnetic field. And most notably the food is not comprised of magnetic materials. The materials that are not magetic are not infuenced by magnetic fields.
Some will say : "All the above scientific facts are proven and no experiment has so far contradict them for the last 100 years, but if there are laws of physics we are not still aware of?"
First of all, in order to say that laws of physics that are known to exist for many years, used every day from numerous scientist and engineers to produce succesfull expirements and products, you 've got at least to know what are you talking about. When someone tells you a lot of scientific arguments you don't understand, and all you have to answer is that scientists don't know everything and may be wrong, just because someone send you an e-mail saying so with no scientific data (talking about "energies", "forces" etc, without specifing the exact phenomena behind the results, the standing laws of physics contradicted etc).
The exact way this is working is that : scientist say a lot of arguments you don't understand (because you are not familiar with science), a guy in an e-mail talks about "energies" and "forces" you don't understand either, so to you, both sides looks equal and you cannot decide who is right and forward the e-mail to others and let them judge on their own. You should trust people with knowledge more than people who write false chain mails just to laugh with your ignorance.
There are many people around us that has knowledge, please ask them before you forward such mails. It is a bad thing to forward scaring lies to your friends. Someone could have a lot of magnets in his/her refrigerator all his/her life, why should he/she be scared that he/she may have cancer or something?
So far of the chain leters that I received and I dubted their credibility and I checked if they are fake or not, the 100% of them were fake.
RE: does really exist a research?
i sent an email in the university of almeria and today(6/6/11)
they replied me ...you may read...

Servicio de Información y Gestión Administrativa de Alumnos>>

Centro de Información y Documentación Universitaria (CIDU)

Con motivo de la evaluación de nuestros servicios, se ha confeccionado una encuesta de satisfacción de nuestros usuarios, en formato electrónico, en la siguiente dirección web:

Los datos cumplimentados serán tratados por la misma de manera anónima y agregada, garantizando la confidencialidad de los mismos. Le rogamos destine unos minutos a cumplimentarla. Su colaboración nos permitirá mejorar la calidad del servicio que prestamos.
Muchas gracias por su colaboración.

Dear student:

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. This person is not a professor at our Univesity. Nor is a student or researcher. Our University is located in the city of Almería and we have no center in the city of Cuenca . It is not the first time we heard of this email but until now was limited to universities in South America .

En nuestro listado de profesorado no nos consta que el mencionado Vicente Tortosa Pérez tenga ninguna vinculación con nuestra Universidad. No consta como docente de la misma ni como personal de Administración o Servicios. Todas las direcciones institucionales de e-mail de nuestra universidad tienen la extensión ----@ual.es . Sólo esas direcciones pertenecen a los miembros de la comunidad universitaria de nuestra institución. No podemos confirmarle si es un alumno de nuestra universidad ya que desde el Centro de Información no disponemos de acceso a las bases de datos de los expedientes de los estudiantes. Las direcciones de correo electrónico de los estudiantes tienen el formato ----@alboran.ual.es.

Tampoco nos consta que ninguna de las líneas de investigación de los grupos instituidos en nuestra universidad tenga relación con la materia que nos comenta en su e-mail.

Por último no existe en nuestra universidad ningún órgano institucional denominado:
Camino del Pozuelo s/n, 16071 - Cuenca – España
Y por supuesto no tenemos ninguna sede en la ciudad de Cuenca, ya que todas nuestras instalaciones, Facultades, Institutos de Investigación, etc … se encuentran en la ciudad de Almería…

Dicho esto, comprenderá que me es imposible enviarle ninguna referencia científica, publicación, artículo o investigación realizada o promovida por nuestra universidad en relación con la persona que nos menciona.

Un saludo. Y gracias por informarnos de esta situación
Best Regards and thank you very much for reporting us about this mail.

Bernardo Claros Molina
Jefe de Sección de CIDU
En cumplimiento de la Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal se
informa que aquellos correos electrónicos de carácter institucional de la UAL que contengan información o archivos
con datos personales, deberán adjuntar el siguiente pie al final del mismo:
Este mensaje y los ficheros que puedan ser adjuntados son confidenciales. Los mismos contienen información reservada
que no puede ser difundida. Si usted ha recibido este correo por error, tenga la amabilidad de eliminarlo de su sistema
y avisar al remitente mediante reenvío a su dirección electrónica; no deberá copiar el mensaje ni divulgar su contenido
a ninguna persona.
Su dirección de correo electrónico junto a sus datos personales constan en un fichero titularidad de
La UNIVERSIDAD DE ALMERÍA cuya finalidad es la de mantener el contacto con usted.
Si quiere saber de qué información disponemos de usted, modificarla, y en su caso, cancelarla, puede hacerlo enviando
un escrito al efecto, acompañado de una fotocopia de su D.N.I. a la siguiente dirección:
UNIVERSIDAD DE ALMERÍA –. Secretaría General de La Universidad de Almería.
Edificio Central, Planta baja.
Ctra. Sacramento s/n, La Cañada de San Urbano. CP 04120 Almería.

Servicio de Información y Gestión Administrativa de Alumnos
Centro de Información y Documentación Universitaria (CIDU)
Contacto: cidu@ual.es
Tel: (+34) 950 01 50 80| Fax: (+34) 950 01 52 49
aviso legal | política de privacidad
© Copyright UAL 2009

Απο: ffffcc ffffe1 fffff1 ffffdf ffffe1 ffffc1 ffffe3 ffffe3 ffffe5 ffffeb ffffde Προς: cidu@ual.es, soporte.eva@ual.es, sistemas@ual.es
Στάλθηκε: 10:39 μ.μ. Παρασκευή, 3 Ιουνίου 2011
Θεμα: does really exist a research?

I m sorry for bothering you,
but I m student in agricultural institut department of Athens, Greece,
and I received an email saying that a professor in your universidad, prof.Vicente TORTOSA PEREZ,
Camino del Pozuelo s / ​​n, 16071 - Cuenca,
made a research about magnets and how much they affect the quality of our food....
I hope that I will not be the 457829th person that asks you, but it is something important to let everyone knows about...sorry about
my english, and I hope that you will respond me, if first of all the professor works for your university and if this researh really had been done.
if you wish you may reply me in spanish i understand reading.

with my best regards,
Maria A.
YES lemonie, a link to the original should be expected. Moreover:

1. Almeria University is not in the 16071 of Cuenca
2. This address correspond to University of Castilla la Mancha, Spain
3. This person (prof. Vicente Tortosa Perez) do not exist in any of those universities
4. why he hasn t added his web instead his postal address, or a link to the original Princeton information?
You've done what I didn't think I needed to, but thanks for updating us.

Malvavisco (author) 6 years ago
Mmmmm, well I can paste and copy it, If you don't mind to read it, you know it is in Spanish.
Fine I can translate. Use the REPLY button though.

Kiteman lemonie6 years ago
He replied...

To know who I am, to give assurance that this email is a consignment, carried out with all the seriousness of the case.
When reading the content, each may act accordingly.
It withdraws prondo which advertising is at the doors of my fridge and refrigerator.
Vice-Chancellor and GENERAL SERVICES
Camino del Pozuelo s / n, 16071 - Cuenca - Spain
Researchers at Princeton University have discovered something considered scary.
For several months they were fed two groups of mice, a group with food stored in a refrigerator, and the other with food stored in a refrigerator but with several decorative magnets stuck to his door.

The object was to see how they affect electromagnetic radiation in food magnets. Surprisingly, after rigorous clinical trials found that the group of mice that ate irradiated food by the magnets was 87% higher chance of contracting cancer than the other group.
The magnets attached to any device (appliance) connected to the power consumption increases of spending-power of that equipment, to increase the electromagnetic force of the electric field of the device.
We all have a magnet on the refrigerator, as a decorative element, but until now it is suspected that they were harmful. BUT ARE LETHAL.

It is dangerous to play with the forces of nature and energy. If you have magnets Take off immediately and put it away from the food.

Inexplicably, the authorities did not produce a warning message, but thanks to Internet we can help each other.

lemonie Kiteman6 years ago
Yes, as I replied I was expecting a link to something else stupid..

Malvavisco (author) 6 years ago
Here you are, if you have any questions, just let me know ok.

Por si las moscas....
Doy a conocer quien soy, para darles seguridad de que este correo es un envio, realizado con toda la seriedad del caso.
Cuando lean el contenido, podra cada uno actuar en consecuencia.
Por lo prondo retirare los que por publicidad hay en las puertas de mi nevera y refrigerador. 

Camino del Pozuelo s/n, 16071 - Cuenca - España

Investigadores de la Universidad de Princeton han descubierto algo considerado aterrador.
Durante varios meses estuvieron alimentando  dos grupos de ratones, un grupo con comida guardada en una nevera, y al otro con comida guardada en una nevera pero con varios imanes decorativos pegados en su puerta.


El objeto era ver cómo afectaban las radiaciones electromagnéticas de los imanes en los alimentos. Sorprendemente y tras rigurosos estudios clínicos, constataron que el grupo de ratones que consumieron la comida irradiada por los imanes tenía un 87% más de probabilidades de contraer cáncer que del otro grupo.
Los imanes adheridos a cualquier aparato (electrodoméstico) conectado a la corriente eléctrica aumenta el consumo –gasto- eléctrico de dicho aparato, por aumentar la fuerza electromagnética del campo eléctrico del aparato. 
Todos tenemos algún imán en la nevera, como elemento decorativo, sin que hasta ahora se sospechara que fueran perjudiciales. PERO SON LETALES.


Es peligroso jugar con las fuerzas de la naturaleza y con las energías. Si tienen imánes quitenlo de inmediato y ponganlo lejos de los alimento.


Inexplicablemente las autoridades no ha dado ningún mensaje de aviso, pero gracias a Internet podemos ayudarnos mutuamente. 
Utterly bizarre, you'd expect some link off that, but without it just inexplicable.


Basura absoluta - un total de cuerda.

Utter garbage - a complete wind-up
Malvavisco (author) 6 years ago
Thanks everybody, it's because I received an e-mail saying something about  that refrigerator magnets can increase the probability of getting cancer, I don't believe it, I began to investigate but I couldn't find anything relate to this topic, so I just wanted to know if somebody knew something about it.
Could you copy & paste that e-mail here so we can read it?

Definitely a wind-up.  Ignore it.
Kiteman6 years ago
Well, all my cocktail sausages tend to point North, and I'm fairly sure my yoghurts are developing tides...
You're sure those aren't mini stromatolites?
No, there's a definite surge around a new Moon...
caitlinsdad6 years ago
maybe those foods with a high iron content...

Can you elaborate?