Do the RealSimple Recipes Count?

Concerning the Fake it, Don't Make it! Contest, I was wondering if RealSimple's ('s) Instructables count. They are added to the group but I wasn't sure if they were just there to attract visitors and inspire them, or what. Thank you.

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M3lizzah1 year ago

what type chocolate snacks would be easy to make and sell? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chocolate rice-crispie cakes.

Thanks! How would I make those?

Melt chocolate, mix in rice crispies, spoon into muffin papers, allow to cool.

You can add other ingredients as you fancy - mini marshmallows, M&Ms, dried fruit...

(Google is your friend)

Do appreciate your help! Thank you so much I'll definitely try it out! Trying to get my business off the ground with very minimal money. It's called Mmm Edibles Etc.

acer7310 years ago
I have a recipe I adapted for making a candy but it is to simple and only had 4-5 ingredients and you can't really use shortcuts except to save time. Can I still post it?
unfortunately the contest is closed! but you can still post your project to just won't be considered in the contest. sorry about that!
Kate Merker, Real Simple food guru, has some good 'Fake It, Don't Make It' pointers. They're timely too since Friday is the last day to add your recipes to the contest.
Small mixup - you have until SUNDAY at 11:59 eastern to submit your Fake-It Recipes! Let's get cookin'
AM or PM?
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