Do you cut your own hair? Also: great success!!!

I don't. I typically just go in for a little trim and that's it. I never fiddle with it myself... until tonight! I was finishing off the bottle of white wine I had to buy for my Cuban Xmas dinner (this sounds worse than it really is - I was mostly drinking the inch at the bottom, don't want that $8 to go to waste...), and suddenly got the bright idea of cutting some bangs. Alcohol and scissors might not sound like the best idea, but I think I did fine considering the circumstances. :D After stalking a couple of users on youtube briefly to see how others avoided butchering their hair, I found myself in the bathroom with a nice pair of fabric scissors hacking off hair. Maybe not hacking. Deliberate cutting, actually. And success! Well, after a half hour of fiddling and trimming off a half inch at a time. So do you cut your own hair? What do you use to do it? I'm curious whether DIYers are more likely to do this and not fail (possibly). Pictures? :D

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lemonie8 years ago
"Hair are your aerials man, they pick up vibrations from the cosmos and transmit them directly to your brain. This is why bald-men are up-tight" L
Or is it that us balding men are LESS uptight because we no longer get all that direct gov. propaganda streamed directly in to our brains ;-)
Interesting view in the present times... L
More of a counter suggestion then a view :-) Those guys n gals with the aluminum foil hats and such, didn't know they were not shielding themselves, but they were creating better antennae for themselves LOL
Kiteman8 years ago
Since this topic has resurfaced... We have three local barbers, who variously charge £8, £9 or £15 for a #3 (the £15 chap does put a lot more effort in with general pampering and even a beer in hot weather). However, Kitewife found a set of clippers on sale for £7.99, and she now does my hair for me. OK, I have to pour my own beer, but the clippers have paid for themselves several times over now.
My wife won't LET me use my clippers.....not on my head anyways.....I have resigned them to being Beard trimmers *sigh*
mikeasaurus8 years ago
Maybe I'm jumping in on this a little late but to answer your question, yes I do cut my own hair. I've been a DIY hair cutter for about 10 years after discovering that after paying for haircuts I would come home and find something that I didn't like or was not apparent when i was at the barber. Granted, I am a guy so it's pretty easy. However I cut my hair with a style, not a simple buzz with one length. I do like my hair short but I work a gradient from the nape to my crowns, with nice short sides too. I started doing it because I'm particular and like to do things my way, it only took about 2-3 haircuts to perfect and I actually get compliments on my hair (*gasp*).
jessyratfink (author)  mikeasaurus8 years ago
I think I'm going to continue cutting mine on my own - I'm starting to find a lot of people like you that have been doing it for years, so I figure: why not start? It's easier, I don't have to worry about scheduling, and I know exactly what I want! Plus, I don't think I suck at it, and I'll probably get better with time!
jessyratfink (author) 8 years ago
Updated with new picture, because the other I posted was pretty awful. ;) The bangs have grown out a bit and I've stopped cutting them. I might go back to long hair now.
. Maybe it's just the lighting, but I don't think the Veronica Lake style looks as good on you as the shorter bangs. You have a pretty face, show it off.
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