Do you have (big) plans?

Hi there people!

So recently I'm seeing some comments like: 'Yeahh soon I have time enough to build something big/new' - like that.
And because of it'll be summer break pretty soon (for me anyway) I'm interested of some of you are planning to create something very big or new or something!
Actually I was hoping there will be new big ball machines, like Metropolis/Chaos or Calactysm (or something:))
If not, I just wanted to wish you all a nice holiday.

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rec0n6 years ago
I have an M4 SOPMOD coming out soon, you could mod that into your XM117 Colt Commando.
~KGB~ rec0n6 years ago
POST IT NOW! lol, i would die for a working m4 RIS.
mahmel (author) 6 years ago
Yeah, I see. You could try Oblivitus' Ultimare M4 Barrel, check it out.
mahmel (author) 6 years ago
Well I won't make one if it's very easy to make one, I want a hard thing to make instead of models I usually do.
rec0n6 years ago
G36K, almost 1:1 scale
mahmel (author) 6 years ago
commando? Perhaps I can make one, if it's worth it to build one.
TheDunkis6 years ago
Nope, too lazy to do anything. But if someone could just help make my **** mech, I'd be working on that fully-automatic weapon. >_>
mahmel (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
Tell me more about it, perhaps I can do something.
Basically, all I want is a repeating rubber band flinging mechanism but with a trigger designed in such a way that there is minimal friction while pulling the trigger. You know with the typical RBGs when you stack up a load of rubber bands and it's nearly impossible to pull the trigger because you have to push against all of them before the gun fires? Yeah, I want to avoid that and have it near effortless to pull. I've explained how I'll use this concept plenty of times but if you want I'll repeat.
mahmel (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
Yeah, that trigger are indeed very annoying.
But if you're making a full auto gun, I would not use a rubberband-shooting mechanism, there is no way you could reload a fullauto fast and it wouldn't be usefull. Even not with a pump, because there are too much rubber bands. :(
And ehm.. were you being sarcastic with your 'I'll repeat'?
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