Do you like chocolate or candy


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Choclate fools the brain to feel good.
Candy is basically just sugar.
So candy is bad anyway, choclate can be made cheap with just too much other things than cacao, namely sugars...
But when it cames to cravings I guess we can agree chaclate cravings are worse than candy cravings.

Everyone has sugar around so if in doubt this will fix the candy cravings but what to do if your body insists on choclate???

The best choclate bar I ever had was one I won through a donation to a "One World" shop.
In return for every single donation made in person you were handed a little bar of choclate made the natural way and with only naturally sourced palm sugar to sweeten it up - what a melting taste sensation but at over 10 bucks a bar just out of reach for daily cravings, still I get one once or twice a year as a special treat.

ewelinaws1 year ago

chocolate :)


joyceunnie2 years ago

I always love chocolate <3

JuliaFord2 years ago

I adore chockolate.

GeorgeK312 years ago

I used to be a candy kid, but chocolate is my bae now.

After a little bit, candy just tastes sweet. It's like you are eating sugar with a spoon. But chocolate... Oh boy. There are almost no limits to what you can do with it. Fondue with a little liquor, nutella on bread or cakes or cookies, toppings for cakes etc., chocolate bars, add nuts or fruits... There is almost nothing you can do to chocolate to screw it up. You have to actually try.

Then you have different flavors: Bitter, bittersweet, milk chocolate...

So yeah, chocolate

JustinM13 years ago

I do love chocolates!

Mmmmmm chocolate

ebuy24hours3 years ago

I like chocolateBUT i don't like candy so much

Jack893 years ago
I like chocolate, but I do not often eat
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