Do you think this is semi-auto?

People keep telling me this isn't semi-auto. Say what you think.

Picture of Do you think this is semi-auto?
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Sandy444448 years ago
i dunno but it needs a BIG makeover
An Villain8 years ago
it is a repeater-style semi auto as the trigger has to be let go to fire like in the manner of DutchJ's semi auto, however it is form of semi-auto so i think yes.
oodalumps (author)  An Villain8 years ago
You don't have to let go of the trigger.
my bad, i think it is still semi-auto.
ILIKEPIE3338 years ago
No, if you have to manually recock the gun each time befor it is fired, it is not semi auto dsman has the definition below
old post, and we have already established that.
I know that
ok good.
oodalumps (author)  ILIKEPIE3338 years ago
You don't recock this gun.
let me guess, the trigger pulls the ram back and lets it go without actually stopping the ram
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