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This is a never ending forum about Doctor Who I will try to answer questions as best as I can and keep this up to date. 

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Aliasmk3 years ago
Okay, I'll start I guess.


Whats with Tom Baker coming back in The Day of The Doctor as the Curator? :o
Kiteman Aliasmk3 years ago
Although it was Tom Baker, he was never explicitly referred to as "Doctor".

The Caretaker was old, near the end of his life, but Baker's Doctor regenerated at a much younger apparent age, so I think they were just messing with our heads, or playing with alternate realities.

It was very cool, though.
E Daniels (author)  Aliasmk3 years ago
I'm not sure but I think it is so there are more doctors in the special
Chikpea3 years ago
Ummm.... Who is Docter Who? :\
It's a sci-fi show made by the BBC - if you have Netflix you should give it a go! :D

Try starting with the 9th Doctor on there - that's normally where I recommend people start. If you like it, there are TONS of older episodes and 7 new seasons. So much show!
E Daniels (author)  Chikpea3 years ago
Doctor Who is a science fiction show about this alien who is called the doctor and he and his companions travel in time and space (with their time machine) defeating aliens, monsters, ect.
iceng3 years ago
Self assured and knowledgeable .... are they not
E Daniels (author)  iceng3 years ago
sorry what?
iceng E Daniels3 years ago
The actors lines are written to promote self assurance combined with knowledge spanning hundreds of earth years.
E Daniels (author)  iceng3 years ago
Okay, Ya your right.