Does need a URL Shortener?

Hi everyone!
Do you think needs a URL shortener that works like Just like YouTube has their shortener,, Instructables could have

That way, instead of a URL like this...

You could have this...

Very handy for sharing your stuff on Twitter, Buzz, Bebo and Orkut. Cast your vote here.

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Yonatan2411 months ago
FilmTaped5 years ago
maybe you should have forwarded to or and have directories pass through, allowing shorter vanity url's or, or as the case above:

just a thought
gmjhowe7 years ago
I think if they were to do it, lets do it properly.
.  Although I agree with TUA and Kelsey, your domain name is better.
.  If ppl want a slightly shorter URL, they can drop the "www." ( and the server will redirect to the right place.
Drop http://, too. :)
Marsh (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
The issue is that the way it is right now, the default URL is the entire name of the posting with hyphens-between-each-word tacked on to the end of the domain. I share my stuff on Twitter, Buzz and via txt msg all the time. When you have a character limit, every letter counts. And it's only going to get worse. Some other Twitter-like phenom will come along and be the new hit...and we'll still need it.
.  I will click on obfuscated links to sites I trust (eg, something like or the proposed or domains, assuming they are under Robot's control), but I hardly ever click on a http://someurlshorteningcompany.tld/gobbledygook unless it is from someone I trust a lot.
.  I can see where a URL shortener would be nice, but I don't consider it to be a big deal. Clearing up the stuff reported in the Bugs forum (and elsewhere) would be higher on my list. But then, I don't Twitter. ;)
You could even drop a couple of characters there. Even with 4 you'll get over 14 million options.
I'd reply to your comment but you stickied it...

Don't yell- I'm merely illustrating that the information is there, ready for the calling, formatting, gift-wrapping and pretty packaging. I don't see resistance to the idea. If anything, I'm *agreeing* with you - I'm merely showing how you can see for yourself that there is something in place that could already be used. Unless I'm missing something (quite possible!), it would seem to me that it would be fairly easy to implement a button to get the entryId (heck, I've nearly got a greasemonkey script already...and I don't even really know javascript...) and also a field to paste it into.
To get said code for any instructable, view the page source and search for the entryId. Searching for the string "{ entryId:" should return only one result, with the identifier after it being the shortened bit you want. C/P that into a URL bar after "" and it will take you to the ible in question (it will redirect you to the "proper" id). It shouldn't be too terribly hard to automate picking up the entryId (with a button, perhaps) and then to make a little frontend for teh lazies. :p
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