Does This Desktop Spec Compliment the Price? = - )

This is a Desktop computer package from a company called "Cube247" . I am really considering this deal.

( Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of fast memory, massive 500GB hard disk, DVD rewriter, huge 19” widescreen TFT panel and Microsoft Vista – all for £449!!

  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 Processor
  • 2048MB DDR II 667 Memory
  • 500GB SATA II Seagate Data Storage < ----------------------------Awsome!!!!!! Half a Terrabyte.
  • NEC 7200 Multi Format DVD/CD ReWriter
  • Intel 950 128MB GMA Graphics
  • 7.1 High Definition Surround Sound
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Motherboard
  • 19” Widescreen TFT 5MS Flat Panel Screen
  • Logitech Wireless Multimedia Keyboard
  • Logitech Wireless Optical Mouse
  • Logitech S220 2.1 Speaker System
  • 10/100 Ethernet LAN
  • 8x USB2 Ports

All for £449.00 .

Does it sound like a good deal ???

Also I have a few queries......:

  • The computer doesn't have dedicated graphics, it has intergrated. Will I be able to upgrade the desktop to be fitted in with a graphics card later on.
  • Also the the graphics are: Intel 950 128MB GMA Graphics. What kind of games will I be able to play on the desktop with this graphic spec....if any at all..... = S.
  • The OS this package comes with is " Vista Home Basic " , It only takes £20 more to upgrade the OS to " Vista Home Premium " do you think I should go for it . Does Premium Make a good difference?

Thank you Please help.

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ll.139 years ago
The graphics suck. =) sorry, but to be honest.

you will probably just be able to play Half-Life 2, + Episode1...

-Can you find anything with nVidia 6800, or 7300, 8400?
Baron A (author)  ll.139 years ago
yeah it does. But it costs £69.999 just for nVidia 8600 Gt
ll.13 Baron A9 years ago
Ye..ah, a 7300GT is a very good card, they should be around £30-40, or maybe a 7600. btw a lower end 8 serie card is not "faster" than a high-end 7 serie, there's a lot of over-lap. ;-)
 well i had a  7300gt ...... now its under my bed in a box.. i am using a 9400gt now but now i need evan beter ... maybe evan a gtx 220 or and at1 hd radeon 4650
Baron A (author)  ll.139 years ago
ll.13, what graphics card do think you would need to run Unreal Tournament 3 on the PC. Like whats the lowest graphics card you could use to run that game on decent frame rates : 35-40fps.
ll.13 Baron A9 years ago
Well from wikipedia:

System requirements
* 2.0 GHz single core CPU (2.4 GHz dual core CPU or faster recommended)
* 512 MB RAM (1.0 GB RAM or greater recommended)
* NVIDIA 6200 or ATI 9600 graphics card (NVIDIA 7800GTX or ATI X1300 or 'faster recommended)

So an nVidia 7600GT should display it decently, (a 7800GTX will probably cost more than a 8400/8600) ;-)

btw are you in UK or America?
Baron A (author)  ll.139 years ago
Thanks for the options below. Never heard of eclipse computers hope they are good. Oh ya U.K.
ll.13 Baron A9 years ago
Yeah, they're pretty good, we've ordered form them before.

Also check out they're really good! I'm pretty sure they have some decent priced 8 series cards ;-)

bnorth99 ll.139 years ago
sorry IL13, I can't resist disagreeing re Eclipse Computers if you don't mind.
they may be cheap but based on the internet they have terrible feedback on product reliability and customer service.
I don't think many other PC makers/component providers have feedback like this !

"I wonder if some big anti-Eclipse banner could be made a sticky?
Complete with links to all our horror stories about them..."

"Delivery date was given however date arrived and no computer ....
The computer has been nothing but problems since purchase and
it turned out that I did not get what was ordered"

"I paid for a computer in Nov 07, arrived 3 weeks later, not 10-14 days.
Faulty on arrival - notified them immediately.
Collected computer on 3rd Jan, tried to charge for repairs, which I refused.
Still waiting for money back 25 Mar 08.
They've had my money for more than 4 months and for most of that they've had my computer as well!!

"The Worst Computer Company EVER conceived in British Computing History (Eclipse Computers (Coventry))"

" - crap customer service
(I worked there many moons ago) but dirt cheap."

"Eclipse-computers has the worst customer friend got a custom PC from them and they glued on the heatsink
and there was glue all in the inside of the PC
It took some time to get that sorted.
I personally am still waiting for them to send me a replacement DVDRW drive...been waiting since July, they always tell me they'll send it out 'now', but it's never done."

PC Advisor posters:
"Oh "first mistake" ( buying from Eclipse computers)"
"i used to work there in tech support
The company is a joke"

"Purchased at/on:- @ on Thursday, 7 Feb 2008 12:11
... suddenly after a few days the PC wouldn't even POST, I couldn't reach BIOS."

actually have some mixed feedback though not as bad
ll.13 bnorth999 years ago
Ok, scratch what I said earlier..... :-|
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