Does any have some computer or laptop parts laying around?

Does anyone have any spare laptop or computer parts? They don't have to work or be new. I'm trying to build something and I need all the parts I can get.

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I have a apple laptop with all adobe creative softwares and comes with free other gadgets that im selling - please let me know if you're interested
do they work, would you mind paying shipping?
it works - i'll inbox you the link
looks nice, but kinda pricey
just realized/forgot this was the free stuff section - alright thanks
oh ok - let me know if you or anybody you know is interested .....thanks
it's free shipping - it's currently posted on ebay - it's $855
johnnyjcap4 years ago
I've ot 2 ig boxes of laptop part, from screens to MoBos. Dell, Compaq, H.P. some Toshiba & Sony stuf but not much. I'm in Cumberland VA. you'd have to come & get the stuff. I'm not going to ship it to you. I'm light on cash too. I was going to Craigs List the stuff, but if you want it you can have it.
Moem4 years ago
When asking for free stuff, it's always smart to let us know where in the world you are.
Hippymike96 (author)  Moem4 years ago
Knew I was forgetting something. I'm in Raleigh North Carolina
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