Does anybody else have summer homework?

Is it not the most ridiculous thing?! I have to read 2 (count 'em - two) books and do a book report on each, one of which includes making maps, graphs, and a load of other stuff.

To me, summer is supposed to be a break. Like, Christmas break, or Thanksgiving break, where there shouldn't be any homework given.

And what's even more stupid (but slightly funny in a way) is that I'm going into 9th grade. All the teachers and counselors were saying how much stress you're going through, and then they make us do all this homework, which is major grade, be due on the first day of school?

I'm not in AP classes either. Just 9th grade gifted! It's crazy!

Geez! Shouldn't there be a law against this?

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Big Bwana9 years ago
Does tiling the floor and building new cabinets in the kitchen count as homework ?? <> if so then Yes I have lots....
turtle2969 years ago
yall r lucky.....i have to read 5 books and do reports on them, do 15 "journal entries" (2 pages each) and fill out a packet of 23 worksheets!.... my school is crazy! but im happy because i finished it all already : )
Kiteman9 years ago
Hey, why should you get it so easy?

We have to plan lessons, prepare equipment, write schemes of work, put classes together, assign staff to classes, write timetables...

Actually, homework over the Summer saves a lot of wasted time in the Autumn, because the students have been forced to use their brains, and don't have to get used to thinking again, and will hopefully arrive in a learning-ready state.

Projects like this also give your teachers a better idea of what you are actually capable of, given a more generous deadline. That gives a baseline, against which your progress and effort can be compared over the year.

At the very least, it keeps your vocabulary ticking over and your handwriting legible - you'd be horrified if you knew how many of my pupils have no books at home, not even newspapers or library books, and how many did no writing at all (except maybe on msn, which doesn't count because it's just gbrsh).
We have to plan lessons, prepare equipment, write schemes of work, put classes together, assign staff to classes, write timetables...

Not buying that. My mom went out to lunch to "discuss important things" with her teaching friends every day for the last two weeks. For the last week, she's discovered YouTube, and is now claiming that the Sesame Street videos she finds are for school. The other night I cleaned and sorted here overhead transparencies while she watched Alf.

My brain works hard all summer, but it's working on designing my projects, not the school's.

Oh, and my mom's a sixth grade math teacher, just for clarification.
Is her name Mrs. Treat? I had a math teacher named Mrs. Treat and i think her sons name was Cameron.
Nope. Ms. S**** is her classroom name.
Full name obscured for privacy reasons.
Don't adults (communist gov'ts aside) get to choose their occupations?
Bran (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Oh, I don't mind homework, but two book reports? Excessive, IMO. Ah, well, there's no way out.
LinuxH4x0r Bran9 years ago
We don't get paid.... I think I did......
I say put it all off until next month, maybe even the last week of summer, preferably the last day. That's how all great projects get done! :P
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