Does anyone ever do stop motion anymore? I know I do

I was looking on You tube and I saw lots of stop motion and I really wanted to know if anyone on this site did any more stop motion. They are really awesome!!Please if anyone has the will to make a group for stop motion please do so.

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CrLz6 years ago
Just watched some videos by the artist PES.  Definitely great, contemporary stop-motion.

cocoaloco6 years ago
i do
i prefer claymation but i do both
Topit6 years ago
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I do Lego Stop Motion, I have sad skills. :(
Hoooyyat7 years ago
I got mad skllz w/ LEGO stp motn
Check me an my buds at lego-mation.weebly.com
JKibs958 years ago
www.prestokey.webs.com my friends do the claymations... I haven't the mad skillz...
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