Does anyone here have a patent?

So i've had an idea...and everyone i've talked to loves it. So I want to see about getting a patent for it, but have no idea about getting a patent. I think i remember someone here is a patent attorney? Are there any age requirements? Fees? What do i need to do? Thanks

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Weissensteinburg (author) 10 years ago
..Would it be a good idea to make in ongoing instructable with the quest of producing my idea? Or would people yell at me for it not being a real instructable?
canida10 years ago
Check out the info from Nolo. They sell books to explain legal stuff like this and walk you through the process. Your library might also have some of them.
westfw canida10 years ago
Nolo press reccommendation seconded. I read one of their software-related books (which in some senses is more complicated than a physical invention) many years ago and found it generally helpful (and well written, too.)
trebuchet0310 years ago
If you didn't see the other threads related to patents and such... FYI - you can publish you work without harming your patent ability status. This gives you a claim to prior works BUT it puts an expiration date on patent ability - once published, you have 12 months to apply for a patent. Fees: Yes What you need to do: A lot, you'll want an attorney for guidance ;)
OH, another benefit to publishing is that it opens it up to the community. We're a much bigger force when it comes to finding previous works ;)
Weissensteinburg (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
Well what I want to do would really require specialty equipment..not a diy project. What kind of fees are there? Once i publish it, does that mean I have a year till someone else can patent it? Because this is something id really like to pursue..seeing as I could especially use one.
> Once i publish it, does that mean I have a year till someone else can patent it? Once you publish it, ONLY YOU CAN PATENT IT, up to a year later. A big benefit of publishing is that it is prior art for anyone who tries to patent anything similar, so it protects you from anyone else patenting the same idea. I like to believe that US industry is basically moral (at least where only moderate sums of money are involved), and it's unlikely that someone will take your published idea and produce it for their own profit without some sort of arrangement with you, the inventor. But you don't have protection from "independently invented" from publishing...
Weissensteinburg (author)  westfw10 years ago
What does "But you don't have protection from "independently invented" from publishing..." mean?
If you and someone else both invent something independently, and both of you try to patent it, whoever submits the patent earliest gets all the rights and the person who submitted second gets zilch (assuming both patents are otherwise ok.) If you publish, and the other guy submits his patent AFTER you publish, his patent should get rejected, but there is nothing that stops him from manufacturing his gadget. It becomes a race to see who can manufacture and sell best. This isn't necessarily bad; look at how many companies successfully sell nearly identical tripods, cameras, etc, but it could pretty much ruin your possibilities of selling your idea to someone (why should we pay you license fees when X is already selling the same thing and we can just copy that?")
On the other hand, the other guy can't complain that you're infringing on his patent either.
Weissensteinburg (author)  westfw10 years ago
So, if i put it up, anyone can do it, but if I do patent it within the year, do they have to stop making it?
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