Does anyone know anything about Shotgun house design?

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   I'm planning on building a metal workshop soon. I plan on building a 60' x 40' shop with a Mother-in-law apartment on one end. That space will be 20' x 40'. I've been searching for small houseplans online and haven't found very many. I did see an article on small house design for some homes that were built in New Orleans after the hurricane. It was called a Shotgun house. This would work very well. However, I can't find any floor plans. Does anyone have any ideals where I could find floor plans of the Shotgun house (for cheap)?
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bdellesky6 years ago
OK I found the plans. Go to Southern Living. Click on house plans...small houses. It's called Holly Grove SL1581. There's also a small house called Deer Run SL 731. Good Luck
wheelbme (author)  bdellesky6 years ago
Thank you very much!
wheelbme (author)  diyoutdoorsman6 years ago
Sweet! Yes there are some very good plans on this link. Thank you!
bdellesky6 years ago
OK I had THE BEST house plans for a shotgun house & I'll cont .to look for them. Narrow, liv. rm. ,din.rm. kit. in one line & beside it 2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms between with a small laundry room in the back & a front porch---perfect. I will keep looking. Bedrooms & 2 bathrooms (1 a bit smaller) had their own hallway. Bonus 2 bathrooms separated the 2 bedrooms. And a front & back door.
wheelbme (author)  bdellesky6 years ago
Thank you very much!!!! That would be great! Thanks again.
crapflinger7 years ago
a shotgun house is called a shotgun house because you can stand in the front door and shoot something standing outside the back door with a shotgun and not hit any walls.

a shotgun house would be built like any other rectangular building (like a warehouse or a potting shed). basically four outer walls, a floor, and a ceiling/roof. all of the structural stability in a true shotgun house comes from the outer walls and the rafters as there are no dividing walls inside of the building to act as load bearers.
PIman7 years ago
they are common in the old toronto area. there is some info in the book called glory land. the author would be able to help.
caitlinsdad7 years ago,,20152647,00.html 

This Old House TV show had season on renovating a shotgun style house.  Look further at the resources and you may be able to find the videos for it. Good luck.
wheelbme (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
Thank you Sir, I'll check it out.