Does anyone know how to add image notes in 2016?

Plz help, idk how to add image notes to tell ppl what I'm doing in 2016. Can anyone tell me????? If you would, that would be very appreciated.

You can go back in to edit your instructable. Click on the image in the step to view/edit. You should then see the Add Note button at the bottom. Drag that box that appears on the image to resize it around the area where you want the note. Add text and be sure to save it. Give it a few minutes for the system to update and go view the instructable normally to see the note show up.

tinyhooman (author)  caitlinsdad1 year ago

I'm on website on my IPad

The add note button doesn't show up

I use chrome on the ipad, or through a browser, see if you have a "request desktop site" menu choice from the browser menus. That forces it to load up the full version of the site instead of the "mobile" version. Do that when you opened up the edit page that shows the steps or when you click on the image to edit, you should see the add note button appear.

tinyhooman (author)  caitlinsdad1 year ago