Does anyone know what this is?

It's sitting on a shelf in a coffee shop in Bristol, UK, and the owner of the place has promised my dad a free coffee if he can tell him what it is.

Apparently it's about 6 inches long by about 4 inches high by about 3 inches deep.

Any ideas anyone?

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gmoon7 years ago
Possibly a loom shuttle, or something related to looms and weaving...

The wooden "teeth" look like a gear rack, so the thing likely moved side-to-side in a mechanism.
It is a shuttle HERE is something similar with the "mechanism" as well, really nice piece of engineering!

well found.

Great example, mas0. That is indeed one cool piece of tech. Makes you remember how loom technology influenced early computer development...
kathmonkey (author)  mutantpoptart7 years ago
I love you. MONTHS I've been trying to find out what this dang thing is, and you are the amazing example of humankind who did it! Now, if only I could find other examples of it...
kathmonkey (author)  kathmonkey7 years ago
I mean, of course, amazing EXAMPLES - gmoon and mas0, you were both instrumental in solving this, thank you so much!
Nice one! +1
uhhhhh nope!:)
unanonymous7 years ago
looks like a stationary mousetrap
I'm guessing you didn't read the featured comment, which has the correct answer, even including a photograph of another artifact with the geared base.
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