Does anyone know where i can buy some...

urethane rtv mold rubber? I would like to buy some in a local store....i cant find it anywhere....any ideas? i live in central pa and i would like to not resort to ordering online its just easier to pick it up and bring it home and use it hahah im impatient.....anywho some ideas would be helpful. A local hobby store is selling liquid plastic with catalyst for $49.00!!! i had no idea it was that expensive.. P.s if you are skilled in the ways of mold makings(i am not) and ideas in anyway can be helpful! Can i use liquid plastic with the urethane rtv to cast my stuff with? After i make the molds...i figured if i used a release agent it wouldnt be a problem. Thanx for your time.... Mikey

Mikey Cold Cuts (author) 9 years ago
it was that hobby store in the plaza buy target in state college
guyfrom7up9 years ago
hi, i live in central PA too. resin for 50 bucks? where are you! at michaels they sell a big one for 21 bucks, and using a 40% off coupon (in like every sunday ad) it's cheap. I use plaster of paris for molds (use a lot more powder than they recomend, it drys faster and harder, and smoother. I don't know about rubber though...