Does anyone know which is the positve end of a cap? (capacitor) (THIS QUESTION HAS BEEN REVISED! COME TAKE A LOOK PLEASE)

Does anyone know which is the positve end of a cap?  (capacitor)

Do you know hwo i could tell?


Ok guys heres another question for you, (by the way im using those black capaitors that you get 330 v out of, and that come in disposable cameras)  oh and its a radial cap


im trying to wire about caps to 3 model car motors, so i can have a rather large boost for a pinewood derby car.  When i do complete the circut all i get is a laege spark and a pop.  HELP ME PLEEEEASE!!

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gmoon8 years ago
Polarized caps are generally marked--normally with an arrow or a band, and a minus sign (-) pointed to the negative side. Occasionally the positive side is labeled instead (older Russian caps had this distinction.)

Most (but not all) electrolytic caps are polarized.  AFAIK, all tantalums are polarized.

Some caps are non-polarized, however (the square brown cap for example.) Ceramics are non-polarized. Polypro, polyester, etc. usually aren't, especially in values smaller than 1uF.

Maybe your cap isn't polarized...

That helped me with a small project. Yay! :)
You're go build something cool...
Is the word of the day polarized?
Brennn108 years ago
Hey MacGyver, do you know what type of capacitor it is?  Radial or axial?
Refer to this photo:

Axial on top, radial is on bottom.  If you could supply that info, we could probably give you a more definitive answer.