Does anyone play GuildWars?

I am just young aspie friend has me playing so we can chat when I can't be there doing science projects :-)

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I too, is curious about this game. Been playing WoW for sometimes and I need other games than that to try. Is the action in GW2 the same as WoW????
I think the name says it all, about building guild to fight together monsters and a group raid.
Goodhart (author)  distractor2944 years ago
I haven't a clue. This is the first on line interactive game I have ever played. It is a tiny bit juvinile in places, but there are opportunities to create a guild (a need actually, if you want to fight any of the dragons), and if varied. Unlike some other games, this one has a one time fee to get the game CD, and no membership fees afterwards.
teribithia4 years ago
I am playing halo now. GW2 I will try.
Goodhart (author)  teribithia4 years ago
I am comfortable with using the lettered keys for moving forward, backward, strafing side to side, etc. But are there any "keys" for looking up or down? I hate having to move to the mouse to do this.
Goodhart (author) 4 years ago
Is anyone familiar with it at all ? My young aspie friend has "engaged" me and I need some help with a few things.