Does anyone still use 35MM film?

Does anyone still use 35mm film, or is it dead? I find shooting with film is enjoyable. I was out today photographing what insects i could find with my 35MM SLRs. I used both a Minolta MAXXUM SPxi and a Canon EOS Rebel G, both with 80MM lenses. Used 400 speed film. Coencidentaly, while looking through a local bookstore today, i found a copy of "pocket guide to 35MM photography" By kodak for 50 cents.

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huffee11 months ago

I still shoot film, 35mm and 120. My Pentax MX is still by far my favourite camera. But I'm also partial to the odd homemade pinhole camera..

GaryC61 year ago

I am enjoying using my my Minolta XG-M recently Some of the new digital cameras can get some good pictures but none can get the fine grain film can without pictlating. few can get the bokeh that a film camera can. None allows you the adventure that developing it yourself can

NewAge-20142 years ago


I've been using 35mm camera (Praktica MTL-5) for decades and it travelled with me to the most distant mountains in rain and heat. The best photos in my life I took with it.

The greatest advantage:

1. I never worried about batteries when going to places without electricity.
2. It was much easier to operate - focus and diaphragm are manual, I get what I see. Now, with my Canon 350D I have to go throuogh on screen menues, settings, modes, etc. just to do a simple thing that would took me 1 sec. on my old Praktica MTL-5. I have the Canon 350D for 3 years, yet I still can't find out how to do nights shots, for example - it is so complicated!

I have a DSLR camera but what I really find interesting I usually shoot it with 35mm film, it is much better.

Also, I plan to make a large format camera what will also use film and not a digital back.
mstrfxit4 years ago
You see , it takes a TRUE skilled Photographer to shoot with film, but now days everyone who has a Phone thinks they are a photographer. But for those of us who can shoot film know it takes more than a cameta to make you a photographer...
Nyanman5 years ago
no, i don't really use 35mm.
I prefer 120 for occasional use, but my primary camera and film is 4x5 film in a speed graphic.
Cool beans. I used to shoot 35mm until I got my dSLR (wildlife, mainly) - but I'm getting back into 4x5 for landscapes. Just picked up a uniroller & processing drum set. Time to finish that box of Ilford HP5!
moesboy4 years ago
I use ilford 35mm film exclusively, Digital camera still cant do photos as good as film
A beg to differ. Although there has to be a rush getting the perfect shot with film over digital. There's still the fact that with a digital camera you can take many shots to get the perfect one, and not kill yourself with hazardous chemicals.
I wasn't talking about composing a shot. I was talking about the picture quality. In colour digital has a smaller dynamic range still (although i will admit that unless you are talking motion picture film the difference isn't noticeable) and for black and white the variables are countless that digital has trouble with, there are ways to get close in post but it takes hours. and most photographers would rather use the film for high end black and white shoots.
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