Dog Hair Sweaters from Deceased Pets

These folks loved their dogs so much that they made sweaters from their fur after they passed away. This was no easy task as thousands of hairs had to be harvested from brushes and carpets. The result is apparently warm and water-resistant as well as creepy, but with all the cat hair I keep vacuuming up maybe I can get a nice coat from my own home.

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Picture of Dog Hair Sweaters from Deceased Pets
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memememefor5 years ago
what do you do after youve killed them?
kerikins5 years ago
Silence of the lambs...

There is a new show called new show on TLC I think called American Stuffers
desya7 years ago
historical .. cultures have been using dog fur to make yarn for centuries.... I don't find this strange... Strange to me to be pulling out the sweater to go cry on it every day in their bed room. Some dog were raised and bread for their yarn producing fur..
People make pets out of their alpacas.. This is simply caring on a tradition..
Get over your creep is not a stuffed dog or container of ashes...
Goodhart desya7 years ago
I can understand that: Alpacas are just so CUTE.
i heard that on the radio today..... creepy like goodhart said, its like wearing the skin of a person that died..or a huge wig isnt there a movie of a psychotic that kills people and takes thier skin+identity?
PocketSized9 years ago
Although these were made out of malted fur, I would have no problem if they had made them out of the deceased body of a dog who had died of natural courses. It does not show a lack of respect... Quite the opposite. These people don't just hoover up the fur and throw it away... They did something useful with it. Which shows a mindset that is much better than the person who buys clothes from the high street with no regard to the process of how they were manufactured. Even if their dog had died of natural courses and they made warm clothing out of it I still wouldn't object. People can't seem to grasp the idea that once a animal has died it still has many uses... Just as it had a use while it was alive (to keep the owner company and/or perform a specific task). They would much prefer to throw it in a hole in the ground and allow it to rot. In any culture than holds animals in a high regard this would be wasteful, and disrespectful to the animal.
PizzaPlanet9 years ago
That is sick disgraceful to the dead and disgusting this is what's. How about you died your spouse loved you very much and decided to make a leather coat out of you how would you feel same thing.
ok you need to chill out my friend they didn't skin there dogs they only collected fur from them and then had the fur spun into yarn and had the yarn made into sweaters now that being said it is a little strange but not quite as disturbing as your making it out to be. I personally would not wear my dogs fur whether spun in yarn or still attached to skin because personally thats just not my thing but seriously if that's how they want to remember their animals though a little odd that's their business and I have no right to judge them for that and neither dose any one else. If they had SKINED the animals that would be a different matter completely but from what I have gathered all the did was collect fur from the animals which dose not include skinning them to obtain said fur and making it into an article of clothing in fact there are people who do the same with there living dogs or othere pets with the right kind of hair. They collect their pets fur from regular brushing and then spin the fur in to yarn and either knit or weave it into a piece of clothing.
If my spouse wants to go through the house collecting my hair from the carpeting and old brushes after I pass away like these people have, the more power to her. After all, haven't you ever worn a wool sweater?
Plus if it touched water it would smell like wet dog not very practical either. Sorry I made a big deal out of things I'm just so persistent for whatever reason maybe my mom lol!
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