Doggy shenanigans

Just incase you were wondering, no I did not pull her tounge out. we found her snoozn' like that... She's so cute!!

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OK well as far as this goes.....I love dogs......especially those that are limited by BSL *Breed Specific Legislation* I have another name for BSL but that is not user friendly. That being said. I am the owner of a pure bred American Pit Bull! who we actually rescued...
Ok well my daughter was attacked by a chow chow at 23 months old I swore I would NEVER own an "aggressive" breed. Punkin' has totally captured my heart. I love her dearly! As far as you saying the "American" Pit is bred to be dumb and need to check your information again.
Pit Bulls *all breeds that it implies* were bred to be superior fighting dogs no doubt. But they were also bred to "not bite the hand that feeds them" so to speak! Your pointing out one specific type of "Pit Bull" that is just really ignorant! Honestly.....we are all lovers of the so called "Bully" breeds and Punkin has NEVER bitten anyone or even tried to. Do your research. Pits need to feel a real threat in order to attack. If no real threat is sensed they will not bite. It doesn't matter if it is an APBT or an EPBT. Read up on the WHOLE breed before making such breed specific claims!!!!
Lftndbt (author)  yankee2cowgirl9 years ago
I have my own views on the subject.

But i'll leave you with this. Before making such informed comments, perhaps you should direct it towards the person intended.

Tetra made that comment so perhaps reply to his message not the forum post. That was sent to me not him.

Although you seem informed , you still come across as mildly nieve.
It's not the breed that has issues but individuals within it. Yes they have been trained not to bite the hand that feeds yet as with any breeds there are individual cases of spontanious aggresive tendencys. Unfortunatley due to the fighting nature this does not always end well..

I agree with what you have said yet Inever forget the hundreds of years of breeding my dog has had and always respect her for what she is.
A part of respecting her is to never leave them in a situation were they could become dis-orientated or stressed...

Never take you dog for granted no matter how good natured.
My lil' girl sleeps next to me every night and would do anything I asked her too. She can tell what mood I'm in and reacts to multiple hand signals. she's tops..

Tell me more about your pup. do you have any pictures?

agreed with all you said. sorry about that....I didn't mean to direct it to you. I do not frequent to many forums so I'm kind of post-disabled lol. That comment just sent my blood boiling though. We do not put either of our dogs in the situation that can allow for trouble because of the possibilities. We currently have Punkin which is our red-nose pitty, and Blackie which is a border collie and dachsund mis. Both are rescue pups.

Punkin is right around 11 months old so her height growing is pretty much over with. She can sense our moods as well, like your girl. Shes very loving and outgoing and extremely spoiled LOL
Here is the most recent pic of her, next to a min pin for size comparison. This pic is however about 2 months old.

Lftndbt (author)  yankee2cowgirl9 years ago
Image from link.
your dog isn't really that streched is it?
thanks for this valuable peice of info it may come in handy one day (or not)
Mothys8 years ago
ARG! i cant take any pics of my hamster because he wont stay in one place
Mazee made me post this.
Mazee2.jpgMazee1.jpgF:\mazee running.jpgF:\mazee2.jpg
wow!! what a beutiful dog! Looks super healthy!! I like the 3rd picture best!
Lftndbt (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll9 years ago
WoW!!! Beautiful dog... male/female? I love the pic leaping, my g/f likes the one with the snow on his back!
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