Dolphin Gets Prosthetic Tail

This dolphin was just a couple months old when it got caught in a trap and turned its tail into a useless stump. After a year and a half of recovery and building, she now has a prosthetic tail and has been swimming about with it. Nice.


Picture of Dolphin Gets Prosthetic Tail
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i made that flipper.
gmoon9 years ago is the direct link to the aquarium site. Courtesy of the attractive young women in photo 2...
Goodhart gmoon9 years ago
Thanks, that is just so neat.
leevonk9 years ago
it needs spinning blades on the sides
Awww now I want a tail more than ever...
Goodhart9 years ago
That is VERY cool - Kudos !
Kiteman9 years ago
That's incredible, and I've got to wonder if the technology is applicable to humans - could it result in a better flipper, or a flipper for people with prosthetic feet or legs?
I could finally be a mermaid like I always wanted.
That is seriously cool!
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