Domino Specifications Needed

Does anyone have specifications for the pip size and spacing for regulation (assuming there is such a thing) domino sets?  I'd like to take a shot at making some, but neither the "intarwebs" nor the local library have provided anything in the way of concrete data.  The best I've found is several web sites that would be happy to sell me a "template" and some sort of special pip-drilling bit for $49.95.  I've found some download-and-print-your-own-dominoes pdf files, but I don't know if those are regulation or just someone's best guess at how they should look.  I don't own a set of "factory" dominoes, so I can't just measure directly.  I even searched the online patent databases, and while there are several domino-related patents, none of them have detailed measurements.  

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Willard2.07 years ago
I searched around and found this.  You will have to determine the pip sizes, but this gives you a starting point.
Culturedropout (author)  Willard2.07 years ago
That's a step in the right direction, anyway.  Thanks.  I guess I could always go to Toys'B'Us with my calipers, but I'd probably get arrested for fondling the merchandise or something... :-/
Well, barring buying a set, you'd have to break into a sealed package.....
lemonie7 years ago
Have you considered using die/dice templates? The pip patterns are the same.

Culturedropout (author)  lemonie7 years ago
They are, but there's still the scale and pip-size issue.
Yes, but it's largely aesthetics. If you've got the pattern your eye will tell you the right place to drill.

NachoMahma7 years ago
.  I didn't find a Dominoes Federation of the World, but it appears that most dominoes are ~2"x1"x0.5"