Don't try this at home, EVER ! The trip to NYC

Ah, I have finally gotten a little time to put some of the details up about my Trip (definition of trip, to stumble, fall, or to almost fall....) to NYC.

The bus ride to Manhattan was uneventful. We were dropped off behind the Winter Garden Theater at 50th St. and 7th Ave. For those familiar with the city, this is a little north of Rockefeller Center, and a little west of Radio Music Hall.

My little adventure started with me being a little greedy with what I wanted to see on this short day trip.

I started down 7th Ave. and decided to scoot over to Broadway. In walking down Broad way (heading south, now) one have to be careful as it crosses the other blocks on a diagonal and it is very easy to lose the road and end up on 7th (and further south; you start ending up on 6th Ave - the Ave. of the Americas). The blocks heading south were shorter then those in the East - West directions. Walking through the Theatre District, and finally reaching Times Square (which is on 7th Ave), I was taking my fair share of pictures (Later, after I get them all posted, I will have to get my Sis in Law to help me identify the buildings, etc.) . Moving from Times square, I get the Garment District. This was a fairly quick walk for me, I didn't see much I really was impressed by there.

Madison Square Park, was a nice little area, and then came the weirdest building I have EVER seen (and I have seen a house the shape of a shoe), I came upon the Flatiron building (see pics). In the Flatiron District was Union Square park. A fairly small park.

Now, the streets going East and West were numbered, and I had started at 50th St. I was now at 12th, where Broadway becomes University Pl. and it ends at Washing Square Park. This was a nice little park too, so I got a few pictures of it.

By this time, not having had a breakfast, I thought it would be good to find something to eat. I moved west along 4th st. until I got to Broadway again. Once I got into Soho (South Houston), I started getting a little turned around (I had just walked nearly 50 blocks). When I got to Canal Street, it was so crowded, I only went about one block on the street and didn't find anything of interest, so I continued on south on Cortland. Somewhere in this area I found (somehow I got to Chamber's St) I found a little Indian restaurant called Jhankar. It was a pleasant atmosphere, and the food was good.

I continued on Chambers to get to the east side. I saw the World Financial Center, and eventually found Ground Zero. I took a few pics of what I could see.

I did wonder around Battery Park a bit too long, and finally asked someone how to get to the Staten Isl. ferry docking point. I was told it was another 20+ minute walk further south (I was already at the other ferry docking ports and had already walked for over 4-5 hours). He let me know of the Shuttle bus, which the city pays for, which would pick me up and drop me off right outside the area of the Staten Isl ferry.

That was a really decent little ferry ride too. 1/2 hour over, 1/2 back.

Now it was getting to be near 6 PM and I thought I had better have a little to eat before heading back to 50th st. After walking a few blocks, I realized I was NOT going to make it in time. I looked for a Subway terminal but found none (I had already walked as far as getting back up to the most southern tip of Chinatown. I walked (very briskly) up to Bleecker St. looking for a subway or a cab. I finally got a cab waved down (I am just NOT the type of person that waves down cabs), and we headed off. I called the Bus driver.

He said it shouldn't be long, he should get me there in time; and said traffic is a bit heavy here on 4th street. He nearly blew a fuse (and he had just reason too).....but he calmed down and said he'd circle the block and hope I got there soon, and to give him a call when I did. Fortunately, when I finally got back to 50th and 7th, it was only 12 minutes late and he had just pulled up with the bus.

Besides the quarter sized blister on the ball of my right foot, and the lunch/brunch I had I brought nothing home with me (well, I forgot about the sunburn on my head.....yeah yeah, I should have worn a cap).

All in all, it was nice to see everything......and I will never again walk 70+ blocks just to see everything again. I will become familiar with the subways, as that is about the cheapest way to go (except the shuttle bus).

And I am about as stiff as I can for some pictures.


More pics


The few remaining pictures I have left have been uploaded with these to my Facebook album NYC Trip

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DebH578 years ago
Sounds as if you had a very interesting day though and your photo essay is wonderful Goodhart. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics!
Goodhart (author)  DebH578 years ago
That is only 1/3 of the photos....I took nearly 100 of them.....I still want to add a pic of the Lady of Ellis Island, and a few others. Thanks
DebH57 Goodhart8 years ago
Sounds good to me let me know when you post them.
Goodhart (author)  DebH578 years ago
I have added quite a few more....I am not sure I can get them all in and still have it sane looking enough for people to find what they want to see :-)
Make it an I'ble. Others have legitimately done that ("How to see New York on foot" or something). Who knows, somebody might even Feature it if there aren't any typos :-)
Goodhart (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
Really though, are you being serious?
Yes, I am. With that many pictures, and your narrative detail, an I'ble is definitely warranted. Consider some of Eric's, or the really nice "how to take a cruise" one.
DebH57 kelseymh8 years ago
I think Kelseymh is right Goodhart, you shloud go for it
Goodhart (author)  DebH578 years ago
I will see if I can wrest the computer from my wife long enough to accomplish this :-)
Goodhart (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
Ok, I just wish I knew what MORE of the pictures were of. I have so many buildings and no labels for most of them.
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