Dont you DARE laugh

Meh...i got some love problems. Well, not love, relationship... stuff with a girl lol. But...theres this girl i like in school AND she has to come to my house every wednesday-friday of every school week cause her mom is a teacher and we gotta bring her to school. And when i get up every morning, shes there in the conservatory or living room watching tv. I want to know how to approach her, cuz i dont know anyone who is as good looking as her, except my friends half girlfriend (i wont go there...flirtatious lol). Help?

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sci4me6 years ago
I DARE you to asker to do it! :D:D:D LO F*KIN L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goodhart sci4me6 years ago
um.....Published: Jan 24, 2008 :-)
sci4me Goodhart6 years ago
sci4me7 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ask her to make!! it didnt work 4 me! it got me kicked in the balles! i was dared to do it. DONT DO THAT. Just be urself... if u kno wat i mean... ps, my ex is the hottest chick ever!!! except for that one girl. lol!
hrou8 years ago
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah its stupid
dude698 years ago
just ask her what she's watching and just see where that goes oh and if she starts asking about you don't lie it's better to tell the truth then to lie to a girl dude trust me!!!!!!
DJ Radio8 years ago
*laughs because title tells you not to*
I would forget to put on pants on day and when she gets all offended you can tell her that it is your house :)
I was actually gonna suggest something similar. But it involved no clothing at all and quite a bit of ice cream toppings.
Guys are dumb....
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