Dont you DARE laugh

Meh...i got some love problems. Well, not love, relationship... ...no...just stuff with a girl lol. But...theres this girl i like in school AND she has to come to my house every wednesday-friday of every school week cause her mom is a teacher and we gotta bring her to school. And when i get up every morning, shes there in the conservatory or living room watching tv. I want to know how to approach her, cuz i dont know anyone who is as good looking as her, except my friends half girlfriend (i wont go there...flirtatious lol). Help?

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sci4me5 years ago
I DARE you to asker to do it! :D:D:D LO F*KIN L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goodhart sci4me5 years ago
um.....Published: Jan 24, 2008 :-)
sci4me Goodhart5 years ago
sci4me5 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ask her to make out...lol!! it didnt work 4 me! it got me kicked in the balles! i was dared to do it. DONT DO THAT. Just be urself... if u kno wat i mean... ps, my ex is the hottest chick ever!!! except for that one girl. lol!
hrou7 years ago
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah its stupid
dude697 years ago
just ask her what she's watching and just see where that goes oh and if she starts asking about you don't lie it's better to tell the truth then to lie to a girl dude trust me!!!!!!
DJ Radio7 years ago
*laughs because title tells you not to*
I would forget to put on pants on day and when she gets all offended you can tell her that it is your house :)
I was actually gonna suggest something similar. But it involved no clothing at all and quite a bit of ice cream toppings.
Guys are dumb....
I was joking :) I would never actually treat anyone like that.
Guys are still dumb... :)
guys are not dumb!!! (well may be some guys.) i know how to decifer and how to change hexdecimal codes for my ds.
okay sorry i didnt mean all guys are dumb...and what is a hexdecimal codes
here is an example of a hexdecimal code. this is a more advanced one. not for beginners! e2000000 000004c8 e59f0308 e9204ffe e2400004 e5d03000 e2401004 e5912000 e59f42f4 e1d440b0 e2044008 e3540000 1a000005 e3520001 0a000005 e2833001 e3a02001 e5812000 ea000001 e3a02000 e5812000 e2033003 e5c03000 e3a02ef3 e59f12b8 e5911000 e1510003 0a0000a3 e0000291 e0050293 e59f42a4 e0855004 e0844000 e5948000 e5959000 e0498008 e5949004 e595a004 e04a9009 e594a008 e5953008 e04aa003 e0000898 e0010a9a e0800001 ef0d0000 e1a01009 e2016102 e3560000 12611000 e380b901 e3a03000 e20b2102 e3520000 1a000002 e1a0b08b e2833001 eafffff9 e2633011 e1a00350 e1a01351 eb000092 e2007902 e3570000 12200902 e1a00120 e1a02000 e3a0101c e1520001 ba00000c e0000092 e59f1204 e00b0091 e59f1200 e0000291 e1a0b9ab e1a00820 e040000b e3a01035 e0400001 e3a01a01 e2411001 e0000001 e3a01a01 e2411020 e1500001 ba000002 e3a00018 e1a00600 ea000018 e3a010d0 e1a01201 e1500001 ba000014 e1a01000 e0000091 e0823190 e59f01a4 e0020290 e08bc093 e082200b e1a0c222 e0000191 e59f2190 e083b290 e1a0bdab e1a03283 e083b00b e59f2180 e0000291 e1a00420 e04c100b e0811000 e59f0170 e0410000 e3560000 12600000 e5840084 e1a00008 e1a0100a e2006102 e3560000 12600000 e2017102 e3570000 12611000 eb000051 e200b902 e35b0000 12200902 e1a00120 e1a02000 e3a0101c e1520001 ba000010 e3a010fe e1a01201 e1520001 aa00000c e0000092 e59f10f0 e00b0091 e59f10ec e0000291 e1a0b9ab e1a00820 e040000b e3a01035 e0400001 e3a01a01 e2411001 e0000001 e3a01a01 e2411020 e1500001 ba000002 e3a00018 e1a00600 ea000019 e3a010d0 e1a01201 e1500001 ba000015 e1a02000 e1a01000 e0000091 e0823190 e59f008c e0020290 e08bc093 e082200b e1a0c222 e0000191 e59f2078 e083b290 e1a0bdab e1a03283 e083b00b e59f2068 e0000291 e1a00420 e04c100b e0811000 e59f0058 e0410000 e3570000 02600000 e5840088 e3a00a01 e3560000 12600000 e5840080 e59f0010 e2400030 e8b04ffe e3a00005 e59fc028 e12fff1c 02004000 04000130 020d9cb8 020da730 00000077 0001f27d 001f8f58 0256c62b 0003b1bb 000f767a 037fbb2c e28f2001 e12fff12 2900b5f0 2800d106 2000db01 2080e049 e0460200 d1072800 db022900 02002040 20c0e03f e03c0200 03921c02 039b1c0b 424d4244 02362640 29000077 2800db1b 4288db0f 1c01db06 f0001c18 f000f82d e026f855 f0001c10 f000f827 1a30f84f 428ce01f 1c01dbf6 f0001c18 f000f81d 1838f845 2800e015 42acdc09 1c10dcf3 f812f000 f83af000 1a3019f6 42a8e009 1c01dbf5 f0001c18 f000f807 19fff82f bcf01838 4718bc08 4718a300 e2113102 42611000 e033c040 22600000 e1b02001 e15200a0 91a02082 3afffffc e1500002 e0a33003 20400002 e1320001 11a020a2 1afffff9 e1a01000 e1a00003 e1b0c08c 22600000 42611000 e12fff1e 4718a300 e0010090 e1a01741 e2611000 e3a030a9 e0030391 e1a03743 e2833e39 e0030391 e1a03743 e2833c09 e283301c e0030391 e1a03743 e2833c0f e28330b6 e0030391 e1a03743 e2833c16 e28330aa e0030391 e1a03743 e2833a02 e2833081 e0030391 e1a03743 e2833c36 e2833051 e0030391 e1a03743 e2833ca2 e28330f9 e0000093 e1a00840 020004c8 e12fff1e 037fbacc e59ff000 037fbad4 02000000
I tryed to decode this, but the translator went insane...
because it is a code for a ds game, not meant to be converted by a translator. that's also not all the code, it was to big to fit in one comment...
Ahh, I tried to post what the translator said, but instructables went all fussy as well.. What the hell is going on!????
Picture 2.jpg
well, it is possible that the website used a different "format" for its letters, so to speak. like how when you copy things from microsoft word weird words start poping up. it is because word has different format. word uses up and down quotes, and instructables just has one set of straight quotes. suttle variations like that can cause weird things to popup. my guess is that the translator just had a different way of telling you want it was, so when you copied it here, instructables interperated it differently. ofcoarse, thats only a theory...
yeah that doesn't really explain anything.....
first you need to know to count in hexdecimal( just like the normal counting system but with a base of 16.) you can learn how to do that by checking my instructable on it. these codes like the one above are used in hacking video games. here is a simple one. it is for the items in your bag in pokemon pearl 94000130 fcff0000 actavator b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 one of the zeros here is the part of your bag. 00000890 03e700ea 3e7 is the amount. ea is the item d2000000 00000000 ends the code.
THANK YOU! I added a silencer to every weapon on MGS: Portable Ops!
HAHA!! The -10 people who saw that probably believed it! I am a 1337 h4x0r!!!!
i don't think she meant dumb as in guys can't code hexadecimal code, but she means we are dumb when it comes to girls.
EXACTLY!!!! but i did learn what one was....lol
yea i am bad around girls.
but you taught me somthing new :)
your right. i am dumb.
okayyy can we forget i called all males in the world dumb?
I'm not, I think.
It is not dumbness exactly, but more along the lines of maturity (or lack thereof). At very young ages, most guys are a bit behind, but before their 20's, many "catch up" and I dare say a few transcend some gals. So generalization are almost never "always" true. On the other subject of numbers: if you want to give others something to think about, convert the digits of your social security number to senary (also called heximal) or better yet, the entire number to binary digits :-)
Whole new level of cheat CODES! lol
you really do learn something new everyday
are you going to go type up hexdecimal codes now? lol
umm i dont think so
So, 1, 16, 32, 64, 128...ETC?
Despite what he says, we actually are dumb, he just hasn't accepted it yet.
I tried that with my PSP, and I electrocuted myself somehow!!!??? Help!
It's genetic...

Besides, have you ever considered it might all be your fault? Guys aren't dumb when they're around me... ;-)
now, here's what i don't get - if the girl is heterosexual, and a fun-loving spirit, she won't ask you why you aren't wearing pants - she'll ask you why you didn't start doing this sooner.
yea we are dumb...
I know this is from ages ago but we are dumb, he should have said banana split...
was that a bad generalization?
Nah, we are dumb, which is why girls confuse us o_O
you shouldn't let yourself be so easily confused :)
Impossible. Girl's do, and always will, confuse us.
I thought my posts (below) had some merit *sigh*
I mean the one's that offer advice....
I agree
You only realise this now... Of course we're dumb... Eventually we have a bright idea but it fails because we get caught up in it and forget the trousers anyway...
The kids like, 11 years old mate, and wtf is a half girlfriend when its at home? anybody?
Maybe bidirectional?
I dunno mate, but I have to say I think an 11 year old should figure this kind of stuff out on their own, its part of growing up, and if he's got a load of advice off a bunch of adults then he's not going to be on the same wavelength as an 11 year old girl, who proberbly hasn't had a load of advice of a bunch of adults.
So you are saying it is being superfluous to add a little guidance rather then let someone "experience burning themselves" ? Sometimes fear prevents others from doing what would BE a learning experience, if they didn't get that little extra push now and then (besides, it is starting to sound like a little "green-eyed" monster is prompting your posts ;-)
I'am not gunna argue with ya GH, coz I know I won't win, plus you know all these big scary words I don't understand lol. All I'am saying is that young lads like me and yourself(once upon a time :p)did perfectly well without a stranger doing the agony aunt bit. And what you mean with the green eyed monster?
I have a question... Are you Cornholio?
is that young lads like yourself(once upon a time :p)did perfectly well without a stranger doing the agony aunt bit.

Actually, I didn't do so well. I didn't date until I was into my 20's, and then not "on my own". I was 28 before getting married to a Bed hopper (hopped into everyone's bed by mine), and 4 years later divorced.....no, I didn't do so well, and even now am not the best "face to face" communicator. I needed a push here and there when I was younger and didn't get it, and a bit of advice now and again would not have hurt. Too many years spent as a hermit inside my own head did me no good.

And I was kind of teasing about ( And what you mean with the green eyed monster?) the green-eyed monster, otherwise known as "jealousy" ;-)
You saying it wouldn't be fair on the girl? ;-) Nah, I think age-appropriate advice should always be appropriate for someone of his - uhm - age. How's that for a tautology?
I like it.
I like the bit about ice cream toppings. Sounds like a party.
Plasmana7 years ago
(can't resit, I dare... help..!)

ROTFLMFAO!!!!! (Rolling on the floor laughing my f*** a** off!)

That is the funniest thing I read in a long time...
D-: Get behind me, Plasmana. He's coming...and he's got a gun...
The Jamalam7 years ago
Got her yet?
DrWeird1177 years ago
I advise you to ask what she's watching, then show false interest. Does she think you're stupid?
This topic is a bit old, no reason to bump it back up...
Yes, says I. You bumped a pointless topic, for no reason. A rather old topic I might add.
No, you said I "bumped" it. Your name is "BUMP"us.
I am aware. But you bumped this forum topic to begin with.
milonus18 years ago
ok this is really easy. Sit down on the couch near her( but not right next to her) and start talking. If she likes you she will talk back in a friendly way. If she doesn't I would go with the nudity and ice cream.
I'd try nudity and ice cream first.. and if she likes you she'd bring spoons next time
I second this comment. It was actually what I was going to suggest, but you beat me to it.
DrWeird1177 years ago
KentsOkay8 years ago
LMAO, I told you Irish girls were hot 8)
Down boy, it aint all good.
Re/blond/black hair + accent = me happy 8 )
heh see I have to be able to arugue with them, as a result I've ended up with a slew of pretty ex's who are a bit unthinky... For being a chauvanistic tosser I get on well with feminists... Still make the same mistakes though, no real preference on hair colour, just a whole package of attractiveness...
Yah intellect is a bonus, but not nescisarry, 'cuz then you get the satisfaction of having taught/told them something they didn't know...
Yeah that is satisfying, only I made my ex's dad mad, she was a bit bimboish and I told her things and made sense of things and she started continually correcting her dad, just because I said about one thing then she saw something and ended up with something to do with grammar...
HBF (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
No, you said redheads were hot.
mrbox8 years ago
HBF (author) 8 years ago
Lol, i posted the topic on thursday, and then come back saturday morning to find 68 COMMENTS lol
Juklop8 years ago
Dead girls can't say no. Lol.
OMFG YOU FREAK!!! Sorry, but that is like the 3rd or 4th time you have suggested killing girls. Good grief... eww... necrophiliac!
KentsOkay8 years ago
Just walk up, plop on the couch, and say you really bad at this but you would like to get better, because you aren't sure if your cardiovascular system will be able to handle much more. Making girls laugh at a joke you made and told about you is a very good thing.
while we're on the same boa, how'd your love-lust-romance=pain-loss-suffering" ordeal go?
I asked her again, she leaned in close to kiss me then slapped me. Wiggled her awesome but as she waked away = ' (
I got over it

The title of the tread was a equation, not just random symbols and whatnot.
err, that's boat, btw, not boa. lol
Bran8 years ago
You could try forgetting the relationship thing and just be friends, and try to focus more on your grades. Just sayin'....
xACIDITYx Bran8 years ago
"Just sayin'...."
But you're right. relationships in school never last, but knowledge lasts forever.

as you can tell, i dont have a girlfriend.
ahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Elle oh elle kids make me laugh
Umm she's there alot anyway, saves you doing the approaching bit but it might be worth seeing what happens when you actually talk, and I don't mean the good mornings and whatever I mean actual conversation, my suggestion is argue with her... Not fight and scream over who gets front seat either just see what the craic is, I know plenty of good looking girls but I don't condsider a relationship because they're good looking i would consider one with someone whos actually worth the bother. Note I also fear commitment after a long term relationship to end all relationships I'm not to be trusted with that advice lol... if you do get on well and stuff then flirting might be a start... also you might want to be careful about the fact that you're going to see her two days a week for some time... even if things don't go well. or is it three days a week (wed to fri or wed and fri) also bran has a point relationships screw up grades, a good weekend doesn't, remember teenagers are allowed to have unhealthy lovelives... just saying you're going to see her alot whether you like it or not, granted if you do go out it's great because you get to spend time with eachother, close quarters relationships can get oh so complicated even just going to the same school can alot...
Doctor What8 years ago
By the way, dating a student of the teacher is a bad idea. Did it in middle school. Then try going over to that teacher's house. Then kill yourself.
Strike that last sentence. But seriously. I had a project with her, I went over to her house. Talk about akward. Then that teacher had to drop me off at my counselor's house (really). I would just avoid it. Completely. Just be her friend. And if you like Hannah Montana, then there is probably a bajillion girls at your school that would love to hook up with you. (they might think you are, *ahem*, of the gay persuasion, at first) But if you really like her, go for it. It will completely ruin your friendship at the end (one of mine actually became my best friend afterward, so it might not happen), and it will be really super duper awkward when you have to take her to school in the morning.