Don't you just hate field trips? Comment on this topic if you do!

So, next week my class will be having a field trip to CHINA! FOR A WEEK! I mean, C'MON! I HAVE TO BE WITH MY CLASS, RESTRICTED TO WHAT I CAN DO, FOR 7 FRIGGIN DAYS! *Swears like crazy* LOL I spazzed out.... So, who here hates field trips?

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I'm not a huge fan unless it's a field trip to somewhere fun. Like the science center or the park. Here's a funny story. The year I graduated we went on a field trip to the art museum (which I liked because I love the art museum around here) and a bunch of people got lost. Haha. How one gets lost in an art museum is lost on me. :P So while the teacher was yelling at them some guy who'd escaped a detention center stashed his gun under a nearby car then tried to rob the art museum's gift shop. Needless to say the trip was cut short.. XD
monsterlego6 years ago
Well it's better than the alternative.
happyjo7 years ago
I hate going on a "plant a tree" feild trip. Ugghhh
beehard447 years ago
we love field trips so much, our head teacher threatened us once that we are going to go to have the trip around the soccer field (Field trip, lol) instead of going to Subic Safari and Bataan (it's in the Philippines)
bumpus8 years ago
Dude, I would love to go to China for a week, even if it was with my whole class! :D
DJ Radio bumpus8 years ago
I went to china for a year. Beat that suckah!
If I went to China for a whole year, I would cry. I would rather be in Japan (SWIM!!!).
Camisado (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
LOL, yeah. I'm so in love with Japan! If the field trip is a trip to Japan, then I couldn't care less if my class, heck my whole school tag along. Would still be fun IMO.
Camisado (author)  Camisado8 years ago
(OK, so I was JK. Even a trip to Japan would have its fun sucked right out if I go with my class, let alone my whole school, but yeah, I like Japan more than China.)
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