Donut Party!

It's Friday and I picked up a dozen donuts for the office, but why shouldn't you guys be able to share in the fun? So I'm declaring a donut party. All you have to do is leave a new comment saying, "I want a donut!" and you'll get a donut patch. That's it!

UPDATE: OK, this is gonna close down at 4:30 so get 'em if you still want 'em! I'm at almost two dozen so far.

UPDATE 2: All right, the donut box has closed! Thanks everyone for taking some donuts and I hope you enjoy your donut patch. Have a great weekend!

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I wanna donut....Why oh WHY did the donut party have to end so soon! :'( *cries*
mag4008 years ago
What in the world is a donut patch? O.O
bumpus8 years ago
Awhh, patches go away after a month.. :(
fungus amungus (author)  bumpus8 years ago
They actually don't. Old patch message is old. They'll stick around.
fungus amungus (author)  bumpus8 years ago
More parties in the future, then.
I iz regiztering to the want list so i can haz patchez.
Derin Derin8 years ago
In the future.I can haz patchez.
I just gave mine back. I didn't like the taste of that.
mweston8 years ago
Oooo, can I have the chocolate one on the left side?!?!?! PLEASE
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