Double Pistol...

Here is my new pistol but its kinda different from others. its a 2 in 1 pistol. what do you all think should i post or destroy and use the pieces on something else?

Picture of Double Pistol...
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oodalumps8 years ago
Triggers AFTER the mag? Looks like it would have disastrous ranges.
most handle loading side arms have that: the ammo is behind the trigger.
And that is why they usually suck.
actually, i find them more reliable than normal mag fed guns
That's because they shoot gray connectors.
Why don't you guys make a side arm the "right way" then?
Mepain did, it actually fired more then 6 feet. His had removable mags that were actually in front of the trigger for once.
Why do you have to be so harsh? A side arm in knex is like a side arm in real life. They aren't made for distance. They're made as a small, compact weapon for close range back ups. Why do you guys have to be all about function? It seems no one is into things that are just cool or new. You guys just want things that, yes may be new, but are primarily about function.
shadowninja31 (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
if it must be new then, why do you get mad at me making pistols the way i do?
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