Double email alerts

Getting two email alerts for each comment. Something wrong, or just a temporary glitch during an upgrade?

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rachel8 years ago
We did have a period of a couple days where two servers were sending out emails, but it ought to be fixed now. Post here if you are still receiving duplicates! Regarding the comment emails... What ordering would you like? It is in fact unsorted currently.
kelseymh rachel8 years ago
Oh, those wily servers! I'm glad it was easy to find and fix :-) Since the messages are sent in a single block message, it seems to me that date-time order is the most logical. If you're using software like the Majordomo digest to generate the messages, having an introductory "table of contents" followed by thread-grouped message might be an option. However, both your end _and_ the user's interface would be much more complicated. Just my opinion. I wonder what others think? How many people actually use the contents of the e-mail notifications directly? How many (like me) just use them as a reminder to look at my "backtalk/" list?
LinuxH4x0r (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
actually I prefer individual emails for every comment. It would be nice if you could somehow reply to the email, so that you could reply to your comments on a mobile device.....
You "sort of" can (and I do mean sort of, not really) by following the "reply" link provided with the e-mailed comment. As you know, that just sucks you back into the I'bles Web interface, which is quite poorly designed for mobile devices. One of the failures of relying on (a) JavaScript instead of direct HTML, and (b) hadrwiring in graphical dimensions instead of allowing the user agent (browser) to optimize locally.
noahw8 years ago
Thanks for submitting the bug, we hear you, and we'll work on it.
Kiteman8 years ago
I sometimes get two copies of email alerts & subscription updates, and sometimes I don't. No pattern. No biggie.

What's more of a pain is the utterly random order of the comments in the email summaries.
Hear, hear! Not date order, not threaded, I haven't checked to see if they're sorted by the pseudo-random hashes used for internal reference.
kelseymh8 years ago
I got two "comment summaries" this morning. However, I only got one each of the "subscription updates" and "PM summaries". So the bug (clearly a bug) only affects the comments notification. Hopefully that'll help Rachel, Lebowski, or whomever isolate the cause.
. Same here.
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