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I am in a situation where I only have access to the internet at school. I go home some 20 min away to my apartment to build instructables. though I was wondering if there was any way to package all the pictures and html from an instructables so one could easily view it offline. Say at my apartment where i'm trying to build the BAWLS led light. Long story short, is there anyway to get zipped instructables files? Or does anyone know any good programs for downloading pages for offline viewing? thanks

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teaaddict31410 years ago
go google "paperless printer" and download it...i use it so i can view some instructables i like whenever i dont have internet
Unfortunately, most schools don't let students download software onto school networks, and would a paperless printer "print" the whole site, or would it have to be done an instructable at a time? Time for an Instructables book...
instructables that you like you save it using paperless printer....and i think that somehow you could find a way to run it off a usb stick
there's a syndication url which gives you an unformatted html page
Hrmm... It would be kinda cool to have a project exported to a pdf with an option to include comments :)
Just do File>Save Page As while on "view all steps at once"
I've tried that in the past and it doesn't same any attached files, or any images for a step that aren't the main one. Then again that could be my system only...
Try Firefox, it works for me.