Downloading ebooks

I have a pro membership and when I try to download the instructables ebooks I can´t find the download link. I only get a table saying all the formats.

How do I download them?

BTW: I am not trying to download ebooks from the store, it´s just the normal ebooks.


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mikeasaurus4 years ago
I just republished both version of this eBook, try it again now and let me know if it works for you: https://www.instructables.com/id/Paracord/?download=ebook
Just tried, the file is "damaged".
Both work fine for me. Mind clearing your cache and trying again, then letting me know?
Mike, Please see screenshot above from OP (Sept 11, 3:53am). No AdBlocker program is being used. OP is on FF 15 and download buttons are not showing up.
I republished both copies and they work (problem 1), and I think Kiteman's solved the missing buttons (problem 2) and why he can't download eBooks as he's not a Pro Member (problem 3).
Thanks for replying. Kiteman was onto something with problem 2 however it was NOT the solution (unfortunately). As to the last point (problem 3), the OP has 2 accounts with the same avatar (hence some confusion), he has a PRO account (okiedokie).

So, there is still a problem. (Sorry). He is on FF 15, and says there are no AdBlockers. He can not see the entirety of the yellow download buttons (as shown in his screenshot Sept 11, 3:53am).

Any ideas?
billbob224 years ago
I downloaded adoby reader but when I try to download a ebook it comes up with an error page. The ebook is the reason I signed up for the Pro membership. It says most likely I need to log in but I am logged in.
Can you help me?
Can you tell us which ebook you were trying to download, and what the error says?

It would also be helpful to the technical people if you say what browser and operating system you are using.
Easy para cord projects – e-book download
. When I click on the orange box (download PDF) I came up with the new window stating the following:
the website declined to show this webpage.
HTTP 403
most likely causes:
*this website requires you to log in.
What can I try:
*go back to the previous page.
More information.

This is what came up. Every time I tried to download the PDF file.
I downloaded Adobe reader successfully.
But got the same response when I tried to download the PDF file again.

My operating system is XP and I use Windows Internet Explorer.
I just noticed of the top of the window it says:
HTTP 403 forbidden – Windows Internet Explorer.
Hope you can help me understand what is going on
Something's broken at the site end - bug report filed.