Downloading ebooks

I have a pro membership and when I try to download the instructables ebooks I can´t find the download link. I only get a table saying all the formats.

How do I download them?

BTW: I am not trying to download ebooks from the store, it´s just the normal ebooks.


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canucksgirl5 years ago
From this link: you should see what's shown in the screenshot below.

Select the type of download you want (PDF or ePub) by clicking on one of the yellow buttons.

Clicking for a PDF will open up the page, then just go to "File" (in your web browsers menu) and select "Save As" and save the pdf to your computer.

Clicking the ePub option should automatically download the file.

If you are not seeing the appropriate yellow buttons, ensure you don't have any AdBlockers (or add to the whitelist) to ensure that everything fully loads on each page.

If you still need help, let me know.
(*ahem* He's not pro...)

Correction: Downloading PDF's and ePub files are a PRO Member feature only.

My apologies for the confusion. (Thanks Kiteman).

okiedokie (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Now I see what´s wrong... in firefox, the format button doesnt show properly. it is hidden behind the introduction box!!!

god damN!!!
Check that its not an AdBlocker issue. Sometimes it stops or messes up the loading of the remaining items on a page. Then clear the cache and reload the page. If it still doesn't show up or work can you please take a screenshot and post it in your reply? It would also help to know which version of Firefox you are using (and if on a Mac or Windows).

Also, make sure you use your PRO account (I see the same picture for both accounts so I'm assuming they are both yours?)
okiedokie (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
they´re both me... I´ve forgotten I had an account, created another one and got all messed up... I´m going to delete the not pro one...

Below is a screenshot of the hidden download links. I´m using Firefox 15.0 and dont use adbuster plugin or any other...

I have solved it!

Go back to that page, and click "CTRL" and "0" (zero) at the same time - at some point in the past, you have re-sized the image on your screen, fitting more text on the screen, but the buttons do not re-size with the text, and did not fit in the smaller space.

Look at the two images below. The first is my normal screen view, the second is after pressing "CTRL" and "-" together, which shrinks the text, but not the buttons. Notice also the extra space at the sides of the screen with the part-hidden buttons.
Screenshot normal screen.jpgScreenshot shrunk screen.jpg
okiedokie (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
After I saw the yellow boxes hidden behind, ctrl+0 was the first thing I tried...

ctrl+ +, ctrl+ -, they move the content around, make everything bigger/smaller, but it doesn´t move those buttons!!

I will check the site at home to see if its a problem here at work or not...

thanks for the effort!

Can you please clear your cache, then reload the page. Do you have ANY extensions running? Any script blocking software may prevent the site from loading correctly.
okiedokie (author)  mikeasaurus5 years ago
I have Firefox set to not store any files, but I cleared the cache anyway.

I don´t have any extensions here at work, its just Firefox, bare!

The funny thing is that the site shows up normal in IE. Maybe there something running in there servers here that block somethings in Firefox but not in IE.


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