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My friend tells me that downloading music from such things as limewire is perfectly legal as long as you don't go around sharing those files. True or false? My friend's info has been a bit iffy in the past.

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projektpat10 years ago
The RIAA sure thinks its wrong. "coping music you own is stealing" occording to them....but i say liberate the bay!!!!!

Yeah, but while I am searching for how to record streaming music on the internet, I found there are some related programs. I know it is illegal to download music with copyrights restrictions.

General rule of's ok to download something if you already own it....If you lost the CD that you bought, it's ok to download the songs again. If you buy a program that is only meant for one installation, it's not ok to download.
(Correct me if i'm wrong)
.If you lost the CD that you bought

Well, I'm not sure about that one ...

If the CD is damaged, maybe it's possible. But you have to keep the damaged CD as a proof.
You may be'd probably just be up to the jury
If you lost the CD that you bought
Sorry buddy thats No Deal! (meaning no)

If you bought the rights to the songs on that CD, then yes you could just redownload
But your actually buying a CD which has the songs on them, nothing more
Its like if you bough a car and crashed it... and can i get a new one for free?

So then it'd be illegal to put the music on your mp3 player?
If you buy a music track (in whatever form), you are allowed to render it into a format that makes it easier to listen to, whether that is ripping it for your mp3, or making an audio cassette for your car. You are also allowed to make a backup copy (if you fear your car may be broken into, you may make a copy of the CD to play in your car). However, as soon as you sell or give one of those copies away, or allow more than one copy to be listened to simultaneously, you are breaking copyright laws.
I just said that as a counter to his example. On what you were saying...if you don't make a backup, and then lose the CD...can you re download those same tracks?
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