Draw Blood with Neodymium Magnets.

I was curious if anyone besides me has drawn blood while playing with Neodymium Magnets?  

Fortunately, it wasn't my blood..  On the down side, I'm no longer permitted  to play with powerful magnets when my Girlfriend Comes over.   She forgave me, but Electromagnetism is a Sore subject around here.

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SteelLegJ3 years ago

i have a couple 2"x2"x1/2" neodymium magnets and they are scary to hold. i did have them snap together in my hands once, i then put them up for a few years :)

zaphodd423 years ago

'Ive had them snap together so hard they shatter and send shrapnel flying, but yes, I've blistered myself by getting my skin pinched in Neos.

John_the_Builder (author) 3 years ago

I have a pacemaker. I wonder if a rare earth magnet would stick to my chest.

You are kidding, right?

My father-in-law has a pacemaker, and they warned him off all kinds of stuff--he's can't even use a plug-in electric razor. No way would I let a powerful magnetic field get anywhere near your implant. Even though it appears that alternating fields are the most dangerous (but you can create one by waving the magnet around).

On the plus side, he gave me his arc welder...

Even small rare earth magnets can be surprisingly strong!

John_the_Builder, we would never advise putting magnets near a pacemaker as they can affect how they operate.

If you are interested super strong neodymium magnets, you might like to watch this safety video we put together featuring two magnets that each have an equivalent pulling force of 300kg...


John_the_Builder (author)  first4magnets3 years ago

I'm only Joking.. Not about the pacemaker, Unfortuantely, that went in 3 years ago. I have no burning desire to test it's magnetic qualities. I'll have to check out your video, thanks.

Toga_Dan3 years ago

those can be pretty dangerous to kids. Kids have swallowed 1, and later another. When the 2 magnets meet, they pich a fold of intestine. That can require surgery.

John_the_Builder (author)  Toga_Dan3 years ago

I avoid feeding them to My kids. They eat enough junk already ;-)

Goodhart3 years ago

I normally use a pen or pencil to draw blood......

John_the_Builder (author)  Goodhart3 years ago

I take it you use a Red colored Pencil? To Draw Blood? Ha ha... Seriously, get yourself a couple 3/4 rare earth magnets, place your finger between them, then using the tip of your Pencil, push the magnet closer to your finger tip. You'll see some amazingly realistic blood drawn. No seriously, don't try it. It's painful. Kind of like hitting your finger with a hammer. Powerful magnets are about the most fun you can have with the drawers on.

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