Draw Some Circuit Art, Win a Pro Membership!


I am starting a new instructables series called "Know Your Integrated Circuit" which will feature popular ICs and go over their history, uses, and quick projects you can make with them.

What i need from all you artists is a mascot for this new series, if your drawing wins you win a 3 month pro membership! awesome right?

What i Want:
I want a cute, cartoony looking IC, preferably an 8 legged one. Think brave little toaster status.

- Drawing must be vector and scalable.
- Must be released under Creative Commons, but when used your member profile will be cited.
- Must be posted as a comment before july 1st.
- Give it a name as well when you submit.
- Contest IS open to international residents.

Picture of Draw Some Circuit Art, Win a Pro Membership!
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caitlinsdad7 years ago
Sorry, I only do Robot art.
Ack! I just realized you shorted out the base and the emitter of the 2n2222 transistor you have on the board >:-D
and I got the last one at Radio Shack. Dang.
I love this picture it's clever and cute all at the same time.
frenzy (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
maybe an IC with a robot head
The 555, caught flashing LEDs.
Wish I came up with that. It's hilaruous!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Exhibitionist circuitry... what next?!
I'm not bad, I'm just programmed that way.
dombeef7 years ago
When did it end?Who won?
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