Drawing Anthros Guide

I just wanted to submit a link to this awesome guide I found for drawing anthro's. It's really great and it's also long and detailed (I printed it and it took 102 pages). In the process of teaching you how to draw anthro's it also has great drawing guides and tips for drawing anything - including humans and animals. So, for anyone interested - here's the link: http://hippie.nu/~unicorn/tut/xhtml/

Picture of Drawing Anthros Guide
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EarnTheToy12 months ago

Wow! Amazing! I'd love to learn how to draw these!

Wolf Seril6 years ago
Damn, great link LoneWolf.
LoneWolf (author)  Wolf Seril6 years ago
Thanks =)

BTW - I've also amassed a dozen or so one page anthro tutorials from deviantArt, and google images. If you want I could post the links to some of the better ones.
craftyv6 years ago
I'm assuming Anthro's is (anthrophomorphic) or something similar. Love this drawing, especially the eyes and I agree it's a great Link.
LoneWolf (author)  craftyv6 years ago
Yeah, Anthro is suppost to be short for anthromorphic. Just so you know, I didn't actually draw that picture, I just found it on google images.