Drawing in the Sand

Artist Jim Denevan makes sand drawings--but on a much bigger scale than your average beachcomber. This one is three miles across, a project that required a mind-boggling 100 miles of walking to complete. After one week, though, a rainstorm made the drawing disappear completely.

Link via Geekdad

If you like this, another artist who works in nature is Andy Goldsworthy. Some of his pieces do not last more than a few hours, such as this ice sculpture from :30 to :55 that melted as soon as the sun rose.

Picture of Drawing in the Sand
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Biotele9 years ago
He should have pretended that they were made by aliens.
Yeah, then he should say it had mysterious rejuvinating qualites, fence it off, and charge for admission :)
Kiteman9 years ago
In the image joshf posted, does anybody else see the odd perspective? Like the top half of the photo is also closer than the artist in the middle?
Yeah... THAT is what seemed wrong about it... Sort of like some sort of oval tube.
Almost like an optical illusion...
bumpus Kiteman9 years ago
yeah, if you stare at it, it looks like an elliptical tube... weird
Sharku bumpus9 years ago
it looks like an inverted cone. with the top cut off..... great... now how does he get out? without ruining it that is.....
DJ Radio9 years ago
F-179 years ago
I agree!!
cool. it dose look like an optical illusion. to get out all he has to do is have the helicopter that took the picture pick him up.
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