Drawings of the Instructables Robot

Instructables PSP theme HELP!!! HELP!!! Im working on an Instructables psp theme but I need Robot pictures that relate to each menu icon i have the one for the games menu (below)and the photo menu but need some for video,music,network.ect.ect...If anyone could help draw/design these let me know.Just private message me. Thanks, Rockerx p.s. who ever wants the theme if it ever gets finished can also P.M me ;)

Picture of Drawings of the Instructables Robot
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I8mAll6 years ago
Dearest Instructables,

Please, do make your artwork available to the wider community in a higher res or vector format. Copyrights formats exist to make it possible without loosing control...

I am a huge fan and sing your praises to any who will listen. It's so like a family thing. Go on... make it more so.
Kiteman I8mAll6 years ago

Dearest I8mAll,

Please click here, and check the date they were made available.

(You have seen the search box at the top-right of every page, haven't you?)
hobo86753098 years ago
u can use this if u want. i call it, the hair metal instructables robot
The Hair Metal Instructables Robot!.JPG
xACIDITYx9 years ago
I want the theme when it's finished, I'll PM you!
Rockerx (author) 9 years ago
thank you! now i can finally finish my theme. Its ok you missed the movie one im sure i can find something.Thanks Again!
hey sorry I didn't notice your reply, i have something you may like: The film reel and TV one as promised...
robot with film reel.pngrobot with tv.png
Woopsy my bad, needed a whit back ground for .png to load right on this...
robot with film reel.png
Hey I've got a bunch of designs here, I made a few and i could make ones for you, so far I've made this lot: The guitar one was one I drew in PS before I had high res files of the robot at my dsiposal, if you want some drawn for you just ask...
britpissed robot.jpgrobot pedia 2.jpgInstructable robot guitar.jpg
Rockerx (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Thanks For the quick response! I mean it was within 4 minutes of me just publishing it. anyway those drawings look great. I dont want to over burden you or any thing but could you help me draw a few. As I mentioned above I already have the game and photo icons but I still need the music,video,network(internet),tv,and settings icons. If you could help draw just a couple that'd be great. thanks again for the quick comment.
Umm what kinda things were you thinking, like a vague description of each one, I work in photoshop at pretty high speeds, no burden to me, just my dying computer... I was just browsing and saw the thread...
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