Dreamcast not working


Dont know If this is right place to put this

I did VGA mod and tryed it but no picture or sound
so I resoldered wires but I have messed up copper connecters under motherboard so now I have taken all wires off but  dont get picture or sound with any leads it light lights up the fan is blowing GD drive not working any help please

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aeromancy8 years ago
A new Dreamcast is only $20 off of eBay   ;-)
puff3r (author) 8 years ago
I did the Vga mod but did not work so I removed the wires that I had soldered
and tryed to use normal RF connecter  but no picture or sound and because I cannot put solder back on the 5 points because solder will not stick I dont know if that would cause no picture or sound
I have taken all wires off
I may be missing something but, does that have anything to do with it?
puff3r (author) 8 years ago

I will upload some pictures tomorrow but here it the connecters
from pictures  I was using when doing the mod the silver points about 5 will not take solder

lemonie8 years ago
So you broke it? Can you post pictures?