I had a really weird dream last night about a guy in my class texting the teacher and getting his cellphone confiscated, so I decided to post this to see what weird dreams you have had

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I had a dream that i was in underwear in school then i went to the principles office then he turned into batman and told me i was going to askaban prion then i saw harry potter sleeping but when i looked again it was me in my room then i wok up so i went to go get water and the water fell and then i realized it was sill a dream and then i woke up for reals
lemonie8 years ago
You call that weird? L
Fred the Penguin (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I mean strange, I have had weider dreams, where I was about to be eaten by hanible the canible, but before eating me he had to brush his teeth and floss, but the floss turned into a snake and ate him, is that weird enough?
 Actually, Hannibal was not a cannibal, he was a North African General that was famous for driving elephants over the Alps to scare his enemies during a war.

History bit of the day...lol :3
Yes that's more like it! Would make a good scene in a movie (a weird movie). L
Kiteman lemonie8 years ago
It's a long time since I saw it, but Videodrome?
lemonie Kiteman8 years ago
Yes that's well-wierd, I have a copy on VHS.
long live the new-flesh!

Fred the Penguin (author)  lemonie8 years ago
hmm maybe one of those spoof movies
KentsOkay8 years ago
I had a dream were I checked Quentin Tarantino out at Best Buy....
Sunbanks8 years ago
I had a dream that at my old house some guy shorter than me (aka really short) came to the door and was wearing a jean tuxedo thing. And then my neighbor was threatening me because I got home too late and he kept leaving me notes saying that his kids had guns and stuff. Then I was at school telling my friend about it and I won't go into detail about what happened after that. I've had quite a few dreams about instructables. I think like maybe 7... But some of those didn't have to do with the site just some people.
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