Dremel Alternatives?

Is there any alternative for a dremel so that I could widen the hole in my NF so that the new barrel would fit in?

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i'd use sandpaper taped around a drill bit, but that's just me...
if it has adjustable speeds all the better....so you can slow it down a bit if need be.
well, that's what my dremel does....
yes, and crinal123 was looking for dremel alternatives :-)
oh yeah, by the way, a great, new dremel is only $70... it's well worth the price, if you ask me, but it depends on how many projects you do...
skunkbait9 years ago
Chainsaw blade file.
crinal123 (author) 9 years ago
Thanks everyone!
starwing1239 years ago
For sanding? I tried to make one from a high powered motor and some sanding bits, but that didn't work. I recommend a drill with sandpaper or sanding bit.
gmoon9 years ago
Rat tail file.
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