Dremel? Is it any good?


I saw this in "Lowes" yesterday and I'm planning on buying it. I'm just not sure if it is worth it or not. I'm actually hoping that this will speed up the process of cutting shapes into steel tubing.The steel tubing I'm cutting is about 2mm thick. Does anyone here have Dremel? If so, please, what are your comments on it? Is it a good tool to cut steel? How long does it take to cut through steel tubing?

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Brennn1010 years ago
I have the Dremel MultiPro Model 285. I think it is a DIY-er must-have.
lemonie10 years ago
Has anyone ever use a Dremel for criminal purposes? Burglarisation, murder, dismemberment of a corpse, sabotage...? L
At home depot once, I saw what resembled an electric bread cutting knife...but it was a saw. Cordless, single hand held. I thought to myself.."If I ever became a serial killer, this is what i'd use"
A cordless SawzAll is a dangerous thing- it does exactly what the name implies. ;) I love my SawzAll.
Yes it does. Last fall I helped butcher a pig (several actually) not far from where I live, and guess what they used to cut the pigs up when it came time to do so.... A SawzAll.... It was really neat actually. Anyone want to see pictures? :-D
I do. Hehe.
Notice the SawzAll on the left.
Awesome picture! Don't want to be rude or anything, but what about a video? Hehe, I like how the tongue is sticking out of the first one.
:-) I didn't even take pictures of the butchering process for a reason. That reason being that I might be tempted to show them to people. Or post them on forums.... :-P
Oh. My. Gosh. It snows where you are at?!? (Awesome pic, by the way.)
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